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Duke Of Edinburghs Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)



The aim :-  of this page is to update you on any additions or changes made to the historical pages whilst under construction. Our priority is the D.E.R.R. section which will consist mainly of the postings and associated links. All other aspects of our Regiments historical existence will be covered in the passage of time and the sections covered will be clear by an examination of the navigation buttons. It is my intention to attempt to upgrade these sections in an ordered way and any attempt by me to move at a faster pace is currently thwarted by my technical web building lack of  expertise.

This page will be deleted at the conclusion of the Exercise.

4.12.05 Latest update
Front Page

Regt Future Page - Added the latest info on the renaming of the proposed new Regiment. It is now official. I have added information from whatever source I can. Bottom line is DERR - RIP. This will probably be the last bit of news for those interested. I will add any if there are developments. But as far as Berkshire and Wiltshire is concerned we have maintained nothing.


30.10.05 Latest update
Front Page

Regt Future Page - Added the latest info on the renaming of the proposed new Regiment


25.7.05 Latest update
Front Page

Regt Future Page - Added a number of messages from the Duke of Edinburgh downwards issued by RHQ at Gloucester


22.7.05 Latest update
Front Page

Regt Future Page - Today the Regiment changed its title to RGBWLI, as did the Devon and Dorset's to DDLI. Messages from the Col of the LI, Our Col and the Col of the D & Ds.


20.6.05 Latest update
Front Page


Regt Future Page - Latest Information from the Regimental Museum Website relating to the conversion to the Green Beret.

14.6.05 Latest update
Front Page

Regt Future Page - Latest information added from two sources. The first from the Col of the Regiment of the D & Ds updating them. And the latest release from General Jackson, Chief of the General staff via RHQ RGBW referring to the addition of LI after the Regimental title for an interim period until we become the 1st Bn LI. It is totally clear our county title links are going, so much for being 'Saved'.


28.5.05 Latest update
Front Page

Regt Future Page - Fresh information added. A release from the Colonel of the Regiment on the 25.5.05, relating to the Regiments immediate future.


23.5.05 Latest update
Front Page

Regt Future Page - Fresh information added, hot of the press from the MOD site for those interested in the Regiments future.


15.5.05 Latest update
DERR Section

Malta Page - Parades link. Fresh images added, thanks to Bill Wagstaff

Malta Page - Green Line link, Fresh Images added, thanks to Bill Wagstaff

Drummers call Page - Fresh images added from the last parade in Abingdon (Be patient with download)

Historical links page - Website page links added with Regimental historical content (Anoraks only)


Front Page

Entry Page - refreshed.

Regts Future - New temporary page added to provide news about the merger to come. Will be removed after the event.

15.4.05 Latest update
DERR Section

Hong Kong Page - Korea page updated

Drummers call page - updated

Minden scrapbook page - updated

Redcoats page - Details of Regt Museum event on the 11 & 12 June 'Redcoats on campaign' added


Royal Berkshire Section

Front page Details of new photographic image book 'Royal Berkshire Regiment 1914 - 1959 added

4.12.04 Latest update
DERR Section

DERR Front page - New page added called insignia. The initial work has been done, illustrations of all aspects of our Regimental insignia will follow

Minden Page, fresh images added to the page '27 Army youth team'

Minden Page, new page added called 'Scrapbook 2' as with other pages these are added merely to display the images.

Berlin Page, new page called 'Scrapbook' added

Ballykinler page, Fresh images added to the 'Maze' Page.

Awards and Decorations page, I have started adding images, more to follow. The objective here is to complete the record, if anyone can assist please send them to me

Catterick Page 1994, Parade state for the Ferozeshah Parade added


Royal Berkshire Section

Malta page now changed to read 'Malta/Suez' with fresh images to cover Malta and the landing at Suez by the Anti Tanks.

Goslar Page, Several images added.

Colchester Page. Image added for effect.....Images required

Wiltshire Regiment Section

Hong Kong Page, images added

3.5.04 Latest update
DERR Section

Catterick 1969-71 Page, Fresh Images added to the 'British Honduras' link

Osnabruck Page, New link added 'Derry 1979

Ballykinler Page, fresh images added to the scrapbook link

Malta Page, Fresh Images added to Scrapbook 3

Minden Page, New pages added (1) 27th Army Youth Team (2) Libya 1968

Museum Page, updated the news

DERR Main Page, New page added called 'Drummers Call'

RGBW Section


Battle Honour Page, Fresh link added called 'Normandy Landing'


9.11.03 Latest Update
Royal Berkshire Section

Cyprus Page, Fresh Images added

New Page Cyprus (2) added, second page added to accommodate the ever increasing number of images for the EOKA Campaign

New Page 'Farewell' added, to cover the release of the recording of the Regiments final parade (Under construction)


Wiltshire Regiment Section

Cyprus Page, Fresh Images added

New  Page Cyprus 2 added, second page added to accommodate the ever increasing number of images for the EOKA Campaign


Home Page

Cold War Warrior Page removed and relocated to the main DERR Page

Regimental Museum Page, News update inserted

Museum Shop page, new page added to reflect the new online shopping facility at the museum (Recommended visit) 


DERR Section

Aldergrove page, images added (Memories of Aldergrove)

Aldergrove page, Fresh Link 'FEROZESHAH 85-87' added (More work to be done)

Tidworth Page, fresh page 'SCRAPBOOK' added entitled memories of Tidworth, still many more to add.

Malta Page, Fresh page  'SCRAPBOOK 3' added.

Ballykinler Page, fresh page 'SCRAPBOOK' added

Catterick 1990-94 Page, fresh page added called 'Trumpet Dance' (Be patient with download)

15.8.03 Update
RGBW Section

Battle Honours Page, fresh link added 'FEROZESHAH' This covers one of our main battle honours

Home Page


Regt Museum Page, updated with the latest news from the Museum

New page added (Top Bar) called 'Redcoats' this is an informational page relating the The Regimental Museum Society of Friends. 

DERR Section


Canterbury Page, a fresh link added called 'Public duties' covering the Battalions commitment at Buckingham Palace and other like places

Ballykinler Page, The link 'Sandes' updated with fresh images.

Ballykinler Page, Fresh Link added, entitled 'The Maze' covering the events during the riot

Ballykinler Page, Fresh Link added entitled 'The Hump' covering the events when the drums came under attack

Catterick 1990 - 94 Page, fresh link added entitled 'Certain Shield' covering the major air mobile exercise with 24 Air Mobile Brigade

29.6.03 Update
DERR Section

Warminster Page, Firefighting link, images added, names required on latest images if known please

Catterick 1969 - 71 Page, Malaya link images added

Berlin Page, Spandau link, images added (Be patient with down load)

Canterbury, Greenham Common link further images added thanks to Paddy TRAPP

RGBW Section


RGBW FrontPage, Battle honours link, Battle honour 'Gaudaloupe' added

History FrontPage


Regimental Museum News link updated with latest 

Royal Berkshire Section


United Kingdom page, Presentation of Colours (1956) added

Wiltshire Regiment Section


Cyprus Page, images added covering EOKA campaign

2.2.03 Update
History frontpage

History Frontpage, Search facility added (Top Bar) This search facility covers 'Farmersboys' History only, necessary due to the ever increasing number of images with names attached.

History Frontpage, Updated and refreshed to reflect the past years experience.

History Frontpage, Regimental Museum news updated

D.E.R.R. Section


Commanding Officers Page, Phase one now complete

Colonels of the Regiment Page, Phase one now complete

Catterick 1990 Page, -Ferozeshah link added

Canterbury Page,- Greenham Common link added

Malta Page, Fresh Images added to Frontpage, plus additions made to Parades link and Scrapook 2 link. Also fresh images added to the Cyprus 1964 link

Berlin Page, fresh link France added (La Courtine)

Band Page, Fresh Images added (Bomb at Brussels)

Hong Kong Page, front page info now complete

Battalion Timeline, title changed to read DERR Timeline to avoid confusion with the new RGBW Timeline


RGBW Section

RGBW Frontpage, new link added Regt Insignia

RGBW Frontpage, RGBW Timeline added

17.12.02 Update
D.E.R.R. Section

Postings Page UN Tour Cyprus (1985) now complete

Malta page (Scrapbbok 2) fresh image added. (High bright sun)

Warminster Page, link 'Firefighting' fresh images added 

Royal Berkshire Section

Goslar Page now complete

Front page

Regt Museum Link, News from the museum added

7.12.02 Update
D.E.R.R. Section

OSNABRUCK PAGE Fresh Page added 'Ferozeshah Parade 89' This page covers not only the 1989 parade but also general views of other parades at this posting

HONG KONG PAGE Fresh Images added to the Ferozeshah Parade page, plus the Hong Kong front page has been started.

HONG KONG PAGE. Fresh page and link added called 'Korea'


Wiltshire Section

KREFIELD PAGE. Fresh images added. Amalgamation parade and Ferozeshah parade

30.11.02 Update
D.E.R.R. Section

New Page added called 'Battalion Timeline' This page gives details of all the Battalion postings, will be upgraded in the future

R.S.Ms. Page. Fresh Image added

20.10.02 Update


R.S.Ms Page. Further images added, nearly complete

Museum Page. News from the Museum added

Shoeburyness page. New page CYPRUS added covering the Cyprus emergency tour, included the rescue by the Drums and the Cyprus Walkabout.

Malta Page. New page added called SCRAPBOOK 2, this is because of the number of images that have become available. Page Includes 'The High Bright Sun, and a 'Bottle honour' ??

Regimental Band Page. Details of Bandmasters added plus the bombing of the band in Brussels

Hong Kong Page, Fresh images added to the Ferozeshah page, including evening ball.


R.G.B.W. Section

Freedoms page. Bristol Freedom added

Battle Honour page. The Battle honour LOUISBURG added


Royal Berkshire Section

Eritria page Fresh Images added covering the Battalions deployment

23.9.02 Update

D.E.R.R. Section

R.S.M.s Page. Now complete apart from one or two images (Please be patient when downloading as this page is top heavy with images)

Tidworth Page Fresh Images added to the POND JUMP (Canada) link

Malta Page Fresh images added to the GREENLINE (Cyprus 1964) link. (Keep an eye open for fresh faced young Mitch Mortimer and John Venus)

25.8.02 Update
D.E.R.R. Section

Berlin Page, Fresh page 'Ferozeshah Parade 1972' added

Hong Kong page, Fresh page 'Ferozeshah parade 1989' added

Minden page, fresh information added to the Ferozeshah page

Ballykinler page, 'Sandes Soldiers' link, image of Pte SWANICK added.

22.8.02 10th Update
D.E.R.R. Section

CATTERICK page (Link Ulster 69- 71) 'B' Company operational posting upgraded, be patient with images, I have posted them as large as possible to avoid loosing clarity.

19.8.02 9th Update
R.G.B.W. Section

(Historical Update) on Battle honours page, further information added to the Battle Honour timeline, we are grateful for the assistance give by Major REBBECK of the 'Soldiers of Gloucestershire' Museum. Further work to follow in the passage of time.

17.8.02 8th Update
D.E.R.R. section

 Malta Page ,Fresh pages Sardinia and Tarhuna (North Africa) added

R.G.B.W. section


Battles honours page, New battle honour PEKIN 1860 added

27.6.02 7th Update
RGBW section

Battle honour page, Battle honours KANDAHAR 1880  and Afghanistan1879-80 added. 

The Battle Honour timeline has now been completed. 

DERR section

Osnabruck Page, Front page started

Ballykinler Page started with Sandes Soldiers home explosion link added

Warminster Page, Front page started, firefighting link added

Shoeburyness page, Front page started.

Berlin Page,  link added Spandau prison

Tidworth fresh images added to the Bahamas link (Thanks to Malcolm BROWN)

Malta page, fresh images added to scrapbook link

Minden Page, fresh images added to Minden scrapbook link

Catterick Page, Fresh image added to Malaysia link (A Coy)



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