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1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)


Due to the large number of images that have become available of the posting in Minden it has become necessary to open a new page 'Scrapbook 2'. We hope that the following bring back some pleasant or some rather alcohol, hazy memories.


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Brothers in Arms 1969

Brothers in arms - Minden 1969

The family nature of the Regiment is illustrated by the numbers of brothers who served in the Regiment.

(L to R) 1 Cpl C Dando, Pte B Dando. 2 L/Cpl E Stockley, L/Cpl R Stockley 3 Pte B Sillence, Pte A Sillence, 4 L/Cpl R White, Pte A White 5 Pte M Browne, L/Cpl A Browne, 6 Pte Peter Choules, Pte Paul Choules, 7 Cpl W Potter, Sgt E Potter, 8 Cpl M Collins, Pte F Collins, 9 Pte C Watton, Sgt T Watton, 10 Pte A Watson, Pte N Watson, 11 Pte B Barnfield, Pte K Barnfield, 12 Pte C Cook, Pte B Cook, 13 L/Cpl A Sawyer, Pte G Sawyer, 14 Pte A Hiscock, Pte N Hiscock 15 Cpl T Iles, Pte R Iles  (NOT PRESENT) Cpl M Burton, Pte B Burton, Pte R Edmonds, Pte P Edmonds, Pte Jordan, Pte Jordan, Pte Maher, Pte Maher.


Pte Jock Peet

Mortar Section.

Pte Jock Peet of A Company on a winter exercise in we believe Haltern. Jock later became the longest serving Private soldier in the Battalion retiring as the RSMs batman.


Members of the mortar platoon in Minden. (Right) is Cpl Steve Windsor later killed by a sniper in Crossmaglen.

Pte Sharpe

L/Cpl Mullins

Pte Sharpe training on the LMG at Sennelager as reported in the newspaper. L/Cpl Mullins of the Signal Platoon on exercise at Larzac, France. Like all 'Scallybacks' he appears to be having rather a hard time of it.


CSM Ron Allcock

(Left) CSM 'Lofty Allcock, fag in hand with an attached Australian in discussion with a Chaplain


The Colonel in chief 'Chats' to two of A Companies finest during a visit to the Battalion

Sgt Head

Drumer Wilks

Sgt Head explaining the finer points of a HEAT round to the Colonel in Chief during a visit to the Battalion. The last day of freedom for Drummer P Wilkes. Married at Minden (Believed Garrison Church)


Harry Angier Stan Sawyer

A well dressed group of off duty Drummers attending Drummer Wilkes Wedding. An interesting photo in as much as this was the standard that had to be achieved when going out on the town. It must be said that the return to barracks after a good night on the 'shant' in Minden resulted in a somewhat poorer turnout. Drummer Harry Angier, (Right)


Two members of the Regiment on route home on the Ostend boat (Left) Stan Sawyer, Sandy Sanderson and Wife
Dave Nicholls Beefy Jones
Pte Dave Nicholls, continuing to pose (See Malta Section)


Two members of C Company (Right ) 'Beefy Jones from Reading and his little mate from Maidenhead. (Can anyone assist with name)
Lt Williams
Lt Williams an officer of C Company, running as part of the C Company 'Nines Cup' cross country team. Other members of the C Company team (2nd) is 'Farmer' who could drink the average Russian under the table, but who excelled in Cross Country running. C Coy regularly won the 'Nines cup' during the Minden years.


C Company group C Coy Football team
A motley group of C Coy Soldiers (Left) Bill Potter, also in the group is Louie Emery. C Coy Football team after winning the Battalion football competition. As with Cross Country running this Company was indeed the top sporting company in Minden. !! (Rear Row L to R)?, Pte 'Abdul' Moore, ?, Cpl Jim Fletcher, Pte Dave Nicholls, Pte Davisson, Sgt Culverhouse. (Front Row L to R) ?, Pte Jenkins, Lt Col Gibson (CO), Maj Canning (OC C Coy) L/Cpl Dave Fielding, Pte Paddy O' Reilly.


C Coy Football team Corps of Drums
One more view of C Companies victorious football team. They tended as a matter of course to wipe the floor of the other companies (L to R) Rear Row ?, Dave Culverhouse, Jim Fletcher, Dave Nicholls, 'Abdul' Moore (Front Row L to R) ?, ?, ?, Dave Fielding, Pte Jenkins, Paddy O'Reilly, Pte DDDDavidson.


The Corps of Drums practice on the square, Clifton Barracks, Minden. The barrack blocks in the background housed the rifle companies.
Guard Mounting Minden Mounting guard Minden
Guard Mounting, on the square Clifton Barracks, Minden. This took place at 18.00 hours each evening in full number two dress. A natural duty for any infantryman, but nevertheless a pain in the neck. Same square same group. The Corporal of the guard appears to have got his 'Left turn' in just before the lads crashed into the hockey goalposts. For those of you with ever deceasing brain cells, the guard room is top right of the photograph. Directly opposite is Battalion HQ.


(Left to right) L/Cpl LANGDON (Regimental Police) after demob he later became the mayor of Windsor. Cpl Paul BURROUGHS (Battalion Clerk) Cpl TRISTRAM (Signal Platoon) as indicated by the wearing of the white lanyard After leaving the Regiment he joined the territorial army attaining the rank of Major. Pte HOBBS (One of two brothers in the Battalion) Pte HAWKINS.


Battalion Headquarters group. Lieutenant Colonel GIBSON (Centre) Lt Terry DALY (Front row) 6th from left. RSM WILLIAMS (Front row) 2nd From left. L/Cpl BURROUGHS (Rear row) 4th from left. Can be dated to early 1969 as they are still wearing the Wessex Brigade Cap badges
An unidentified DERR Soldier working an Armoured Fighting Vehicle 432 in the garage area at Clifton Barracks. He is shown changing one of the rubber road pads on the vehicles tracks. These were in place to minimise the damage to German road systems. Believed Recce Platoon (L to R) Cpl Joe Hunt,L/Cpl Keegan, Pte Dave Reason, (Behind) L/Cpl Brian Smith engaged in the act of Track breaking. The photo shows a No 2 burner burning out the track bushes (Which held the track pins in) prior to the pin being removed with a sledge hammer. Note the oily state of overalls.


A very dirty (Oily) Lance corporal of the DERR engaged in the removal of a from sprocket from an APC. Working on these vehicles took up a lot of time. Some of the drivers got so obsessed with cleaning their 'Own' beast that they became a pain in the neck in their own right. (Paddy O'Reilly if you are still out there, please note)


(Rear row) 2nd from left Cpl Mitch MORTIMER, (Rear Row) 6th from left) Pte RYAN (later committed suicide) Capt ANDRE (Centre) This group can be identified to this time as it was just prior to the issue of camouflaged combat suits, and after the introduction of the Regimental cap badge in early 1969
The Web team would like to thank, Dave Nicholls, Paul Burroughs Harry Angier and Derek Williams for their assistance with this page
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