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1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)

Ballykinler, Northern Ireland



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The Pretty bunch

Pte McCAULEY, Northern Ireland 1975 Londonderry 1975

(L to R) Harry, 'Mac' McCARTHY, 'Mac' McINTYRE, 'Herbie' HERBERT 

Well ard


Londonderry 1975

(11 C) (L to R) WRAGG, McCAULEY, HAMBLIN, Alan Mac (Another camera opportunity!)

Pte CLARKE attempting to look all soldier like in Derry



Londonderry 1975

(L to R) L/Cpl GARDNER, Cpl Charlie (Doc) HAYNES, Pte CLARKE (Check out the Beret)

A photo showing the bullet damage to Pte STONEHAMS A41. (Some people will do anything to keep out of contact !!)

Hughs Bar Newry

Charlie HAYNES

Hugh's Bar in Newry after an IRA bomb attack

Charlie HAYNES, well known to most of the Battalion due to his employment in the Battalion Medical section. Due to Charlie's medical expertise the Battalion sick rate was virtually nil 'I wonder Why'?



The Commanding Officer Lt Col Bill TURNER flanked by his 'Bodyguards' (God help us) !! (Left) Cpl Flower FIELDING (Right) Pte HEDGES. Lt Col TURNER later went on to become the Colonel of the Regiment

Major Mick MARTIN (OC B Coy) shows Mr Ron COATES a reporter from one of the local newspapers, one of the Border crossings. (The look says it all) Maj MARTIN was an outcast from the Royal Hampshire's who was posted to 1 DERR to upgrade his soldiering skills !!

Mick Lamb with 'Find'


Mick LAMB (Left) with a find that he 'Claimed' Pte RANGER, in the bushes attempting to operate a radio and at the same time looking faintly 'Ard'

Tac HQ

Tac HQ 1 DERR for no other reason than to demonstrate what issued land rovers should look like. A Near miss

On Wednesday 18th April 1974 a mobile patrol was moving out of Castlewellan back to Ballykinler. L/Cpl Dennis Watts, C Compnay MT Section Commander was in command, as they did so a Gunman opened fire with an automatic weapon. Of the 15 rounds fired 6 hit the land rover. The driver had a narrow escape when three rounds smashed into the windscreen, at head height.

Rex Francis Rex Francis X 2

Rex FRANCIS desperately trying to look 'Well Ard'

Rex after realizing he was caught out on the previous photograph try's to make up for lost time and adopted a combat pose for the family back home (Comments from Small arms school trained instructors on position of left hand will be welcomed)

End of Patrol Prepare to Patrol

At the end of a long patrol, sort out kit prior to extraction

Blacking up for a Patrol, ever mindful of the camera. Who's that on the right with a well interested fag drooping from his mouth !!

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