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1st Bn Duke of Edinburghs Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)



This page contains a series of Images that have come into our possession that really don't fit anywhere else at this point in time.



This pictures are not of a good quality (Copy of a copy of a further copy) nevertheless we feel they are so important that they should be displayed. If anyone out there has the originals we would welcome a copy. Most of the photos shown below related to a press visit to Tidworth just prior to the Battalion going to Malta

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Billiards in Naffi

Scobbie WATTON

Relaxing over a game of Billiards

(L to R) Pte Robert FEENEY (Later stabbed in Minden), Pte Albert LEE, Pte Kenneth LATTER, Pte Cyril FOSTER (Deceased) Pte Norman ALLEN, all from Reading

Examining equipment they will wear in Malta

(L to R) L/Cpl John HUGHS and L/Cpl Thomas (Scobbie) WATTON. Scobbie claims to have lost the stripe he is in possession of at the time, but later went on to serve in the Regiment for many years.


Malta here we come.

Pte Lawrence PAINTER of the Corps of Drums (Seated Left) discusses to posting to Malta with Pte Robert CHAMBERLIN (Also seated) and Ptes Pete MALLOWS and George KINCH. Pete MALLOWS went on to serve a full term in the Regiment.

Ptes FRANK, STANNARD & PAINTER all from Reading


Cpl Raymond POVEY (Right) and L/Cpl John BLAKE both from Reading examine a canoe, which they 'Claim' that they will use in Malta. (The expression 'Pigs might fly' comes to mind) Ray went on to serve for many years in 1 DERR retiring as a WO2


The Following images relate to an Internal Security Exercise conducted by the Battalion in Norfolk (Check out the Arabs) Due to the Political situation at the time the skills were very relevant, Little did the Regulars in the Battalion at that time realize that the skills would be needed on home territory in 1969

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A Farmersboy 'Arab'

Enemy under guard

Name of the 'Arab' please, perhaps his grandchildren could help Enemy under guard

Up in smoke

Escorting the enemy

'Up in Smoke' The commanding officer watches his career go up in smoke A Woman Police officer from the Norfolk Constabulary escorts together with an unidentified 'Farmersboy' some 'Lady' terrorists, looking suspiciously like 'Blokes'

The mob

Riot Control

The 'Mob' in more ways than one !! a group of 'Farmersboys dressed up in blankets and pillow cases attempting to look like Arabs. 'Riot Control' a situation to become only to familiar to generations of 'Farmersboys'

Arabs ??


A group of 'Sullen' Arabs after capture.

Pte Ben SPROG a National Serviceman sorts out his kit (Where is he now ?)


CO gets his chicken

A group of 'Terrorists' get a once over. (Left) is Colin Wilson, B Coy Anti Tanks from Stoke on Trent and the soldier on the right is Pete Simpson the brother of Roy Simpson. The Commanding officer Lt Col BALLANTINE gets presented with a chicken (By who ?)
The web team would like to thank Danny (Zoomer) Davis for his assistance with identifying some of the above soldiers
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