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Duke Of Edinburghs Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)


Redcoats is:-
The title of the Society of Friends of the Regimental Museum at Salisbury. The information shown below is a direct lift from the Regimental museum Website. It is self explanatory and allows you if you  wish to join a small organization dedicated to supporting the Museum, which of course includes the whole life span of the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment. You can join on line but in order to do so can I direct you to the relevant page 'The Friends' on the Museum Website, accessible via the links page on the main farmersboys site or 



The Society of Friends of Redcoats in the Wardrobe



The Redcoats' is the short title of the Society of Friends of Redcoats in the Wardrobe, the Salisbury museum of the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment. Redcoats is a registered Charitable Trust that was formed in 1985, with a written constitution authorised by the Charity Commissioners. It is independent of any government body. Its affairs are regulated by an elected committee, which is guided and directed by a chairman appointed by the Colonel of the Regiment, who is the president of Redcoats. The elected committee may co-opt temporary members on to it from time to time in order to provide specialist advice or to assist with the development of specific activities or projects. Membership is open to any individual over the age of eighteen and is irrespective of nationality, domicile and whether or not the member has any prior connection with the regiment or the armed forces. Individual, Joint and Corporate membership is available.


The aims of the society are:
  • To promote a wider public awareness, knowledge and understanding of the history of the current regiment and its forebears, specifically that of the Royal Berkshire Regiment, the Wiltshire Regiment and the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire and Wiltshire).
  • To maintain and foster a close affiliation with the Society of Friends of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum (which is the focus for matters involving the regimental history of the Gloucestershire Regiment).
  • To promote, support and assist the development and improvement of the Redcoats in the Wardrobe museum.
  • By the use of its subscription income and sundry donations, to enable the Redcoats in the Wardrobe museum to purchase important relics and historical research material that would otherwise be lost to it.

Ethos: Past, Present and Future

Members of the Society should derive much satisfaction from the knowledge that the Society's subscriptions and donations directly sustain and promote the traditions of the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment today by promoting and preserving the tangible evidence of its illustrious past.

Membership Benefits and Privileges

The benefits and privileges of members of the Society are:
  • Receipt, free of charge, of 'Redcoats Review' the annual newsletter of the Society plus occasional updates on Redcoats and museum events and developments when appropriate.
  • Free entry to the Redcoats in the Wardrobe museum and gardens and to the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum.
  • Attendance at Redcoats activities, functions and other events free of charge, and either free of charge or at a reduced rate where certain museum activities may be opened to non-members on repayment.
  • The occasional extension of free access to the Redcoats in the Wardrobe museum and gardens to a member's relatives or friends, or in order to attend what are otherwise exclusively Redcoats events.<
  • Free access to and use of the Redcoats in the Wardrobe library and archives for research purposes, by prior arrangement with the museum curator.

How to Join

If you would like to support the museum and join Redcoats, the Society of Friends of the regimental museum, please download the application form and complete the following sections where applicable:



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