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1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment
(Berkshire and Wiltshire)
Malta - Scrapbook two 


This page is a continuation of MALTA SCRAPBOOK. It continues the theme of displaying images that have come to our notice which do not fit any other category


'Farmersboys' go to Hollywood
"In Their Dreams"
Whilst the Battalion were stationed in Malta the opportunity came for 'selected' members of each Company to go to Italy where they would be employed as extras on a Film starring Dirk Bogard called the HIGH BRIGHT SUN. As well as Army pay they were also paid by the film company.

Military drama based around the uprising against the British occupation in Cyprus in 1957. A British intelligence agent, Major McGuire (Dirk Bogarde), working on Cyprus during the British occupation is given the task of tracking down Haghios (George Chakiris), the leader of a group of terrorists engaged in the fierce and bloody struggle for independence. Juno Kozani (Susan Strasberg), an American archaeology student visiting friends, unwittingly discovers they are hiding the terrorist Haghios. McGuire is convinced that Juno knows Haghios' whereabouts, but she refuses to tell McGuire anything. 


Dirk Bogard at time of filming


Dirk BOGARD the star of the film HIGH BRIGHT SUN

The film originated from this book



The 'Selected' Volunteers for the 'High Bright Sun'

The Group shown below in Civvies, looking almost soldierlike !!

Our 'Farmersboys' Heroes 'Booted and Suited' outside Luqa airport en-route for Italy, in the group is Pat COONEY, 'Beast PINNELL, Cpl 'Flapper' Davis and others yet to be identified.

Pat COONEY under arrest

Pat COONEY 'Under arrest' by another member of the Regiment acting his part as a Member of the Military Police during the film. I am certain the Military Police in Malta who had many dealings with the Regiment would see the irony of this


Every Generation of 'Farmersboys' have treated their capacity to demolish copious amounts of alcohol as a rite of passage. Very few however could lay claim to reaching national headlines. Pte CLAYTON was one such solder from the 1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment whilst stationed in Malta.

Wednesday 25th August 1965

Daily Mirror Headline



Soldier Pete CLAYTON downed 57 bottle of beer in a session

And he resoundingly sank a proud navy record that had stood for eighteen years. It took Pete an army butcher just five hours and 55 minutes to drink the fifty seven half pints of light ale at Tony’s seafront bar at sliema, Malta.

This beat by 11 bottles and five minutes the record set up in 1957 by two naval petty officers, and Barman Tony said “Pete was dead sober at the end of it”

Why did 21 year old Pete do it?

Said Pete whose home is in Lansdowne Crescent, Bath Somerset.

“After spending two years in Malta I got fed up with seeing the framed pictures of two smug sailors boasting about being the British Beer champions, I decided to put the Navy in its place.

Since Pte CLAYTONS  feat the Navy has made eighteen attempts to recapture the record, all failed.

Before joining the Army fair-haired 6ft Pete drank a regular 10 pints during a dart match. He is a Private in the 1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment which is due to return home from Malta in a fortnight.

An Army spokesman in London said last night that there was no rule against soldiers drinking competitions. But it was an offence for a soldier to get drunk or to make himself unfit for duty

A Navy spokesman said we would not stop a sailor going in for a beer drinking competition at a fete or something, but we would run him in if he got tiddly.    



Hop Leaf Beer Malta

Farsons Pale Ale Malta

The above two beer labels from Maltese beer bottles lovingly kept by a member of the Regiment will be remembered with fond, if not hazy memories by the lads who served in Malta, in particular Pte CLAYTON. (If he is still alive after that exploit.) 



DERR Boat Training

B Coy 1 DERR Land

Soldiers from the 1st Bn D.E.R.R. carry out boat drills in Malta. 'B' Company, 1st Bn D.E.R.R. carry out a beach landing, Malta

Assault Pioneers train Malta

DERR Assault Pioneers

D.E.R.R. Assault pioneer training, Pte Mick HAYWORTH, facing camera 1st Bn D.E.R.R. Assault pioneer training of the coast of Malta



Dave CULVERHOUSE and Bill POTTER showing how its done in the heat of Malta. The phrase 'Mad dogs and Englishmen' comes to mind



'C' Company, 1st Bn D.E.R.R. say Farwell to Malta
Prior to the Battalion proceeding on Block leave prior to reforming in Minden all the rifle companies went on the 'Raz' 'C' Company commandeered a club in the R.A.F. camp and proceeded to drink themselves into a total stupor. Nothing changes. Dave NICHOLLS who was present kept a record.

C Coy 1 DERR say goodbye

The night wears on.

The lads pose for a group photo in the club, they look harmless, but !!! The night wears on, McCOULGAN to the front, Chris FEAKES (Who showed up at the Hungerford do in 2002) pokes his head (Centre) Note the fashionable jumper !

Someone falls out of the Window.

Time tells

It gets worse, someone falls out of the window Joe LILLIS (In Jumper centre) Farmer MARKS (To the right) MIDDLETON (To the left) Its begining to wear !!
Apologies to the other Rifle Companies, we have no record of their departure from Malta. If any Ex Soldier from this time has any 'Evidence' tucked away, please contact Mac. It must be noted for historical accuracy that 'C' Company were renowned at that time for their drinking exploits, and most of those pictured above are now, no doubt grandfathers, telling all and sundry to behave. The evidence is produced and I rest my case.
The Web team would like to thank Dave NICHOLLS and Bill POTTER for their assistance with this page
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