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1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment
(Berkshire and Wiltshire)


The Battalions last trip to Libya, North Africa - Exercise Rough Tweed

Bill Potter in Libya 1968

Bill POTTER (Left) and two other 'Rough diamonds' Pose next to their Sanger during the exercise

The Battalion that arrived in the cold of Minden West Germany had no inkling that the desert beckoned. All Battalions had to carry out Battle inoculation and live firing training on a scale that was not available in West Germany. So in 1968 the complete Battalion went to Libya for training. The old Malta hands felt quite at home and the 'Chickos' wondered what planet they were on. At the end of some extremely hard training the Battalion was deemed capable of carrying out their operational role,  What follows are a number of images from that time, we are very short of photographs from this exercise, so if anyone can assist the Web team would be happy to recieve copies of them.


A Number of images from Exercise 'Rough Tweed'


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C Company APC

1 DERR Battalion headquarters in the middle of nowhere. Just visible, tents and APCs Two of the Battalions finest in C Company, 'Mac' McIntyre (Right)

Libya 1 DERR 1968

Mac and Mick track breaking

Another view of Battalion HQ, the Rifle companies were living in holes. One of the joys of 'Mechanized Infantry' Track Breaking as demonstrated by Mick HAYWORTH (Right) and his apprentice 'Mac' McINTYRE (Left)
Tom Blight  

If this gets out 'Tom' Blight will kill me. Tom in one of his lighter moments in C Company lines



As stated above we are very short of photographs from this period, so if you have any give Mac a dig.
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