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1st Bn Duke of Edinburghs Royal Regiment
(Berkshire and Wiltshire)
Korea Honour Guard


 Honour Guard shoulder flash worn by 1st Bn DERR

The Resident Battalion in Hong Kong was required to provide an honour Guard in Korea. The shoulder flash displayed was worn by 1 D.E.R.R. during these committments.


1st Bn D.E.R.R. Honour Guard on Gloster Hill to commemorate the battle fought by the 1st Bn Gloucestershire Regiment during the Korean War.
A small contingent was provided  on a rotation basis to serve as the British contingent of the United Nations. The Company had a Multi National tri-Service flavour having in it a U.S. Infantry Platoon, Republic of Korea (R.O.K.), Army, Navy and Air Force and Marine Platoon as well as the U.N. Platoon with its British, Thia and Philppino soldiers. The following images will no doubt bring back memories of this unusual commitment to those who took part


DERR Officer and Soldier Korea

Pte Danny Coyle and Lt Fontana 'Posing' in Korea. Danny went on to serve in 1 RGBW


DERR Soldier in Korea with Union Jack

L/Cpl 'Simmo' COWLE of the 1st Bn DERR Honour Guard parades with the union Jack


During the Regiments stay in Korea the North Koreans returned a number of War dead to the south. They together with other members of the honour guard were required to carry and escort the coffins over the border. Although out of sight in this picture two members of the Regiment are in this carrying party.


We are very short of Images for this page. If any member of the Regiment who served in Korea during this time has any to offer we would be most grateful to receive copies to add to this page..
The team would like to thank 'Lewi' LEWIS and Danny Coyle for thier assistance with the above
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