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The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment

(Formerly the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment)



This page is for identified historical Website links with regimental content. This page is not to be confused with the links page on the main 'Farmersboys' site that displays links to other regimental sites.



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The Wardrobe - Salisbury

RGBW Regimental Museum (Salisbury) formerly the Regimental museum of the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

This Museum holds all the records and artefacts for the Royal Berkshire Regiment, The Wiltshire Regiment and the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire and Wiltshire). It is the only Regimental Museum of its size to have, on line the Regimental War diaries, plus photographic images of artefacts. Also included are many of the regiments previously unseen photographs with many more to come. (All part of an ongoing project)

Regimental Museum - Salisbury


Soldiers of Gloucester Museum

The Gloucestershire Regiment museum (The Soldiers of Gloucestershire)

The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment has two Museums. Because of the regimental merger of 1994 the title sometimes confuses researchers and family members when trying to obtain information from a museum bearing the 'Gloster' name. If you require any information about the Gloucestershire Regiment up to 1994, then follow this link or visit the museum at Custom House, the docks, Gloucester.

Soldiers of Gloucester Museum - Gloucester

General Brock

General Brock - 49th of Foot (Later Royal Berkshire Regiment)

This is a Canadian site that covers all aspects of General Brocks life and times. He was one of the most famous soldiers that served in the regiment, having the old depot in Reading named after him. If you want any information on General Brock go to this site.

General Brock

British Soldiers 1777

British Battles - Website

The Regiment today wears the 'Brandywine flash' behind the cap badge, having inherited it from the Royal Berkshires followed by DERR. The action leading to the wearing of this insignia actually came as a result of the actions of the 49th Light Company at the battle of Paoli at about the same time, but it has always been known as 'The Brandywine flash' Go to this site for fuller information and other battles of the same period.

The Battle of Brandywine

6th Battalion Royal Berks Regt

6th (Service) Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment - 1916

A private commemoration site by Andy Teal, covering the actions of this battalion on the 1st July 1916. They made one of the most successful attacks that day

6th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment (On the Somme 1916)

The Officers - 8th Bn Royal Berks Regt

A private commemoration site by Andrew Tatham who's grandfather raised and commanded this Kitcheners battalion taking them into battle at Loos in 1915. Andrew has extensively studied all the officers who appeared in the battalion group photograph and travelled all over the world to establish contacts with family members. An excellent recommended site for anyone looking at this battalion.

8th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment 1915





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