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1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment
(Berkshire and Wiltshire)


Drummers Call
What price glory ? Heaven knows ?

We're just a bunch of chums

Who're marching on to who knows where

Until we hear the drums.


Drummer Boy 66th foot

A drummer boy 66th of Foot 1881

We're just the Sergeant's shower. Who cares ?

We take life as it comes.

And oh, the deep despondency !

Until we hear the drums


Browned off ? I'll say. A clumsy lot

With all our fingers thumbs.

But God ! we pull together when

We hear the fifes and drums.


It's all a joke Can this be IT ?

The sergeant haws and hums

But none of us are doubting when

We hear the fifes and drums.


Thoughts are scattered, minds confused,

We dream of homes and mums,

But oh, the concentration when

We hear the bleeding drums !


This Page is dedicated to the  Corps of Drums of the

1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh's

Royal Regiment

Death or glory ? Heroes ? Us ?

The truth is dawning. Crumbs !

What goads us on ? What winds us up ?

The blooming Corps of Drums.

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)

 1959 -1994



The Drum Major

1st Battalion Duke of Edinburghs Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)

Drum Maj Tadhunter 1 DERR

The drum Major was and still is the visible presence of a Battalion on Parade. Up until the late 1960s 1 DERR did not have the ceremonial dress you see today. Depending on the Battalions role the Drummers were always operational soldiers within the Battalion. In the main they deployed as members of a Machine gun Platoon. The Drum Major is responsible for the day to day running and deployment of the Corps of Drums. In days of yore Drum Majors were responsible for administering and supervising any 'Floggings' required, although it must be said that flogging during the existence of 1 DERR was never used (Although I believe some Commanding Officers wish they could have used it) On the short parade stick and ceremonial mace used by Drum Majors today leather strips, cord or silver chain is entwined about the staff and is thought to be a reminder of his earlier duties as keeper of the cat-o-nine tails. The Mace itself is simply his symbol of office and originated from that which town Beadles (The forerunners of the Police) carried to deal with unruly mobs and, at the head of town processions, to clear the route.

What follows is a list of the 1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiments Drum Majors in order of appointment. I must make it clear this list is not definitive as the records are less than complete. If any Ex member of the drums can assist in completing the picture, that help would be welcomed.

"Artwork by Mike CHAPPELL from the book Elite series 14 The British Army in the 1980s  Osprey Publishing Ltd"  





Drum Maj Ford

Drum Major Choules, the last Drum Major of the Royal Berkshire Regiment, and the first of 1 DERR Drum Major FORD Drum Major ?? (Minden)

Drum Major COVENEY

Drum Major HOBBS

Image will be inserted later

Drum Major Coveny

Drum Major Hobbs

Charlie Choules

Drum Majoe HARRILL

Image will be inserted later

Image will be inserted later (See below)

Drum Major Harrill Drum Major Tadhunter Drum Major 'Taff' Davis


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Drum Major Harrill (2nd time)    


Drummers Scrapbook

This section contains a selection of photographs of DERR Drummers through the years. If any Ex drummer can put faces to names, please contact Mac

(Click each photo to enlarge)

Drummer DAVIS

Col in Chief chats to a drummer

The Drums in Malta 1963

Drummer 'Taff' DAVIS The Duke of Edinburgh chats to drummer Davis during a visit to the Battalion in Canterbury Led by 'Drummy' FORD the Band and Drums in White Drill order lead a parade in Malta 1963

Drums Minden

Drums Hong Kong

Cpl (Drummer) GILL MM

The drums practice on the parade square at Clifton Barracks, Minden, late 1960s. Cpl VEAL acting Drum Major Lt Col S SAUNDERS the Commanding Officer presents L/Cpl (bugler) Shane Rowell with his prize in Hong Kong Cpl GILL, Military Medal

Beating the Credits Minden 1969

Drummers Berlin

Drummers prepare for NI

The Band and Drums 'Beating the Credit' in Minden prior to the Battalions departure for pastures new. This practice is designed to alert the local shopkeepers and Bar owners that they have a limited amount of time to recover debts. (It did not work) The Corps of Drums carrying out a drums display for young children in a Berlin School Drummers supervised by a Drum Major in Waiting 'Tad' prepare for Northern Ireland.
Drums Platoon Hong Kong Drums in Hawaii Drums in Osnabruck
The Drums Platoon in Hong Kong The Drums in Hawaii The Drums in Osnabruck


These eight photographs are taken from the regiments last parade at Abingdon

The Drum Major leads the drums ahead of the guard of honour through Abingdon The drummers carry out a display (Names please)

The Drummers prepare 'Look at me mum'

The drums head the parade (Drum Major WHO ?) The parade heads towards the town centre

The March past The Posthorn gallop








The web team would like to thank Ex Cpl Drummer Addy Adcock who served until 1988 for his assistance in putting some names to faces....Many thanks Addy







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