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1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)

Londonderry 1979


Back to the Bogside
The responsibility for west of the Foyle area of Londonderry was assumed by 1st Bn DERR at 10.00 Hours on Monday 9th July, and by 14.00 hours the Battalion had been involved in its first incident. Shortly after the change of battalion command of the area, a small patrol led by the officer commanding A Company, Major S.W.J. SAUNDERS, came under fire from terrorists hidden in a building a mere 75 yards away. Despite the short range, the gunman missed, and in the ensuing follow up operation a rifle with ammunition was recovered. The satisfactory outcome to the shooting incident was further consolidated he following day when two bombs and a pistol were found in an abandoned car. This initial good fortune set the scene for the four month operational tour

Cold War Warriors


What follows are a series of photographs taken at the time, by soldiers who served, official photographs, and newspaper reports. Because of this some of the images are not as good as we would like, but I have decided that any image is better than nothing.



You are entering Free Derry


The remains of the end gable of a house that declared that you 'Were entering Free Derry' Of course those who had served in C Company in 1969 could remember when it was a complete house and the words were in chalk A Poster advertising a March that was to occupy the Battalion on the 29th July 1979, shortly after their arrival.

A Fine bunch

A bunch of the Battalions finest !! can we have some names please Same bunch of 'Cookies' well aware of the camera.

Andy Stewart

Warning sign

Andy Stewart 'Booted and Suited' ready for the dance A typical message to the locals to steer clear of Military targets, photo taken by a 'Farmersboy'

Pte Rory McIntyre

Colin Snee

Pte Rory McIntyre in the unfamiliar setting of being on patrol in Derry in the road leading down to the Foyle. He soon put a stop to this nonsense and got posted to the MT Colin SNEE hiding somewhere in Derry with his Patrol. Photo not to clear but nevertheless gives a flavour. There is no truth in the rumour that SNEE begged us to place a picture of him on the site to prove he had be 'Combatty' at some stage in his Military life. (But ! is it the SNEE ?)

Pistol Find

The Warriors rest

Claimed by that man 'WIGGINS' It was really rough across the water, muck and bullets, and all that. 25 years down the line perhaps our warriors can explain themselves, or hand their medal back !

A patrolling Soldier from 1 DERR watches his front (Perhaps with a little eye on the camera) A Patrol from 1 DERR deploy on the edge of the Bogside

Riot develops

Riot 1979

A riotous situation that confronted the 'Farmersboys' in Derry, just like Saturday night in Swindon !! Another view of the 'Boyos' gathering in the distance


Patrol in back alley, derry

I say Sir, you appear to have some claret oozing from ones head region ! Steel helmets are issued for what Lt ?

A lesson for the Lieutenant These two DERR 'Toms'  in a Derry back alleyway appear to be wearing theirs, not a drop of the red stuff to be seen.

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