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This page is a continuation from the previous Cyprus page. The introduction of a second page will assist in download time for the images


Photographic gallery

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A Coy Comd Driver

Lt BARNES, 1 Platoon, A Company, 1st Bn Royal Berkshire Regiment, Dhekelia 'A' Company Commanders Batman/Driver Dhekelia

Power station guard room

A Coy live firing with Bren

Guard room, Power station Guard, Dhekelia

A Company carry out live firing drills with the Bren gun

Sgt (Nasser) Hooks


Plt Sgt (Nasser) HOOKS 'A' Company Commander Major BROWN, and C.S.M. LEADBETTER, Troodos Mountains, April 1957. (CSM LEADBETTERs son also joined the Regiment becoming the RSM of 1st Bn DERR)

A Coy training camp

A Company training camp

'A' Company training camp near Kyrenia 1957 2 Platoon 'A' Company training location in the troodos Mountains, March 1957

2 Plt A Coy pause during a village search

Members of 2 Platoon, 'A' Company with villagers in Pelendria, Pause during a search operation, March 1957 (Can anybody name these soldiers ?) A Member of 'A' Company on a live firing exercise, using a Mark 4 Lee Enfield Rifle.

Operation Blackmac

Sgts Mess

A Pause whilst the Battalion were engaged in Operation 'Blackmac' Sgt Alan AULT with back to camera. Sgts Mess function (L to R) PEARSON, CLANCY, COLLINS, AULT

Sgts Mess

Sgts Mess

Sgts Mess function (L to R) Tony Szmezter, AULT, 'Abdul' COLLINS, Jock CAMERON (REME) Sgts Mess Function (L to R) CSM HAWE, Sgt HOLLINGSWORTH, PEARSON, CLACEY, COLLINS, AULT.


A Coy Briefed.

These two photographs show Major BROWN of 'A' Company together with Lt Col WOOLNOUGH of the 1st Battalion Wiltshire Regiment who were on the Island at the same time briefing the company on the change of Cap Badge from the China Dragon to the Brigade badge the Wessex Wyvern. The two Battalions were at this stage aware of the impending amalgamation between the two regiments, hence Lt Col WOOLNOUGHs presence.
John North's Collection

(John, a National Serviceman after leaving the Battalion settled down as a builder in Hungerford. He later became the Mayor of the town, and is at present the chairman of the local Britsh Legion)

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The drums

John NORTH (Left) with Mick PAINTING The Drums (L to R) John NORTH, (?), Mick PAINTING and Dmr MORRIS

Nicosia Police station

View from the Polce Station

Two Views taken from Nicosia Police Station by John NORTH whilst the Regiment were on Standby

The Drums

The drums Platoon

The Battalion Football team


An unidentifed R/Berks Soldier

'A Fine lot' The Drummers Pte Keith WOOSNAM in front of Deftra Police Station, he later served in 1 DERR. His platoon commander was Lt CRABTREE (I wonder what happened to him ?) Keith later emigrated to Australia where he has been for the past 35 years.
The team would like to thank Ian NASH  John NORTH & Keith WOOSNAM for their assistance with these two pages 
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