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1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)


Due to the large number of images that have come available it has been decided to open another page. We have called it the Berlin Scrapbook because it is no more than that. A collection of photographs and images to bring back a few memories.



Pre NI Training

Northern Ireland Training


Prior to deployment in Northern Ireland the Battalion went through an extensive training programme at Sennelager. Here they practice VCP procedures. Lt Alan Kenway (Later CO 1 DERR) in the foreground.

Same location , different team. (Left) Pte 'Fitz' Fitzgerald attempting to look as soldier like as he possibly can (An up hill task)

Visit of Prince Charles


The Beast 'sleepeth'

The Visit of Prince Charles to the Battalion (Right) a young Rex Francis mumbling and dribbling. Saying something like "The black thingy on the ground makes a lot of banging noises when you squeeze the trigger, or at least that's what my book says" Pre northern Ireland training, Sennelager. One of the regiments finest soldiers Cpl 'The Beast' Tony Pinnell rests after a hard days labour. Many years later when challenged on his sleeping prowess claimed he was only ever caught on camera once.


Border Patrol

Sorry Beast you were saying......Captured once again in the prone position with some other 'Sleeping Beauty's' from B Company. Paddy Ryan appears to have found a well padded pillow. A Posing Patrol on the border. (L to R) Cpl Dave Fedricks (Later RSM), John Dobie, ?

CSM Povey

Fennell & Tucker

The Duke of Edinburgh on his visit to the Battalion in Berlin meets one of the Company Sergeant Majors, one CSM Raymond Povey. 'Ray ' as he was known to the lads was beloved by the troops, he was renowned for his approachable, cuddly nature. It has been said that when he retired he became 'Nice' can anyone confirm this !!! Two members of the Battalion pictured overlooking the Russian sector. (L to R)L/Cpl  Mick Tucker (Mick unfortunally died in a tragic accident a few years ago) L/Cpl 'Olly' Fennell on retirement became the chairman of the Swindon Branch of the Regimental Association

Cpl Flower Fielding


Cook Brothers

Two Signallers on a day out at the wall in Berlin. (Right) Cpl 'Flower' Fielding. Two brothers, Drummers Cook, plus one other on a day out on the wall in Berlin.

Farewell to Berlin

Tofrek Sports day


The Battalions farewell to Berlin. The Regiments history was acted out by a number of 'Volunteers'. Here we see a depiction of the stand of the last 11 at the Battle of Maiwand in 1880. The heroic figure in the centre is Geoff Hobbs who was told there was a casting director for the film industry in the audience ....Sorry Geoff. (Geoff was the other half of the Hobbs dynasty, the other half being Alan) Most years when duties and operations allowed the Battalion celebrated the actions of the Berkshire Regiment at the Battle of Tofrek in the Sudan 1885. This celebration normally took the place of a sports/family day. Here we see one such day in Berlin. CSM Ray Povey on one of his better days wheels Cpl Baleimatuku in a fun race.


Boxing Match Berlin

Beast V Bally

These two images will bring back memories of some titanic clashes in the Company boxing tournaments. In this case the left image shows 'The Beast' in action against Pte Rolfe of A Company and the right image shows our sleeping beauty versus 'Bally' Balimatuku. The winners cup went to Bally with the Beast eating canvas, although he now denies this and claimed he just got bored.


Berlin Train Route

The Berliner

This was the route taken by 'The Berliner' each day. The Battalion had to provide an armed guard for this train when duty battalion. 'The Berliner' familiar to those who had to carry out the guard duty. The duty was not a bad one as the perk of the job was a first class meal. When the battalion first took on this role, the guards were armed with the SLR until some clumsy 'Farmersboy' put the barrel of his weapon through the window without opening it. As a consequence the guards were trained to use the 9mm browning pistol, which would have been very useful against the Russian Army.

Recce Platoon

Training for NI

Recce Platoon, Berlin. Lt Stone (Centre) with Paul Mehrlich and Mitch Mortimer in the front row. Training at Sennelager for Northern Ireland. Sgt John Venus (Later RSM) taking up a position at the rear, peering into trouble (Glasses John)


Tin City

Training Tin City

Tin City, Sennelager used by the Battalion as a training ground prior to the deployment to Northern Ireland. The same location showing members of the Battalion perfecting their snatch squad techniques.


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