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1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)

Battalion Timeline, Posting and Deployment record


This page will give a year by year record of the Battalions postings and sub deployments. In historical terms the Battalion started travelling around the world  on HMT OXFORDSHIRE and ended up riding the clouds in Chinooks. We will concentrate on the years of the Battalions postings. The page will be upgraded over a period of time as and when fresh information comes to light


DERR MT Arrive in Canada

A familiar feeling as the 1st Bn D.E.R.R. M.T. arrive in Canada after a long flight 1961


Isle of Wight


 9th June1959 Amalgamation Parade



1959 - 1962


Libya (Ex Starlight March 1960)

Bahamas, June 1960, (B Coy)

1961 British Guiana, Feb 1962  (A Coy)
1961 Canada, Ex Pond Jump 1 (June 1961)



1962 - 1965

1963 Libya ( Ex Drumbeat August)
1964 & 1965 Cyprus
1965 Sardinia



Minden, West Germany 

1965 - 1969

1967 Libya
1968 France(Larzac)



1969 - 1971

1969  Londonderry C Coy

British Honduras B Coy

Malaysia 'A' Coy

1969/70 British Honduras A Coy,
1970  Belfast B Coy

British Honduras C Coy

Canada 'Battalion' less C Coy.

1971 1st Bn D.E.R.R. Londonderry



1971 - 1973

1971  Schleswig Holstein
1972 Schleswig Holstein

France (La Courtine)



1973 - 1975

1973  Maze Prison Riot (October)

Sandes Soldier Home Explosion (October)


1975 - 1976

Aug 75/Feb 76 Cyprus (Emergency tour)



1975 - 1978

1977 Firefighting in Scotland (Operation Burbury)



1978 - 1983

1979  Londonderry (9th July/8th Nov)
1980  Canada (Ex Medicine Man) (May)
1981 Canada (Ex Medicine Man) (April)



1983 - 1985

1983 South Armagh

Greenham Common (Aid to the Civil Power, Cruise Missiles) (November)

1984 Cyprus (U.N. Tour)

Public Duties (Buckingham Palace, London) October)

1984/85 Canada


1985 - 1988



Hong Kong

1988 - 1990

1989 Sabah (Ex Eastern Tamu) 'A' Coy January for seven weeks

Malasyia 'B' Coy for Exercise Western Tamu 6 weeks

Composite platoon to Korea for 10 weeks from Feb

'D' Coy to Hawaii (Ex Union Pacific)

1990 'A' Coy to Hawaii (Exercise Union Pacific) (May)



1990 - 1994

1990 91

Fermanagh (Op Banner)

1991 Ex Certain Shield (West Germany)

West Germany 


Ex Trumpet Dance U.S.A.  
1993 South Armagh     (March/June)      


End Ex - 1994

The Regiment Amalgamates with 1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment to form the 1st Battalion Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment

  DERR Cap badge

Gloucestershire Regt Cap Badge

1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment 1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment

  RGBW Cap Badge

1st Battalion Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment

28th,49th,61st,62nd,66th & 99th of Foot 

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