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The Battle Honours in heavy type are entitled to be borne on the Colours  

Wiltshire Regiment Battle Honours 

(See RGBW page for in depth examination of Battle honours)

Pre first World War

‘Louisburg’ ‘Nive’ ‘Peninsula’ ‘New Zealand’ ‘Ferozeshah’ ‘Sobraon’ ‘Sevastopol’ ‘Pekin 1860’ ‘South Africa 1879, 1899-1902’


The Great War 1914-1919

12 Battalions—‘Mons’ ‘Le Cateau’ ‘Retreat from Mons’ ‘Marne 1914’ ‘Aisne 1914, 1918’ ‘La Bassee 1914’ ‘Messines 1914, 1917, 1918’ ‘Armentieres 1914’ ‘Ypres 1914, 1917’ ‘Langemarck 1914’ ‘NonneBosschen’ ‘Neuve Chapelle’ ‘Aubers’ ‘Festubert 1915’ ‘Loos’‘Somme 1916, 1918’ ‘Albert 1916, 1918’ ‘Bazentin’ ‘Pozieres’ ‘LeTransloy’ ‘Ancre Heights’ ‘Ancre 1916’ ‘Arras 1917’ ‘Scarpe 1917’ ‘Arleux’ ‘Pilkem’ ‘’Menin Road’ ‘’Polygon Wood’ ‘Broodseinde’ ‘Poelcappelle’ ‘Passchendaele’ ‘St Quentin’ ‘Lys’ ‘Bailleul’ ‘Kemmel’ ‘Scherpenberg’ ‘Bapaume 1918’ ‘Hindenburg Line’ ‘Epehy’ ‘ Canal du Nord’ ‘St Quentin Canal’ ‘Beaurevoir’ ‘Cambrai 1918’ ‘Selle’ ‘Sambre’ ‘France and Flanders 1914 –1918’ ‘Dorian 1917, 1918’ ‘Macedonia 1915 -1918’ ‘Sulva’ ‘Saria Bair’‘Gallipoli’ 1915 -1916‘ ‘Gaza’ ‘Nebi Samwil’ ‘Jeruslem’ ‘Megiddo’ ‘Sharon’ ‘Palestine 1917 –1918’ ‘Tigris 1916’ ‘Kut al Amara 1917’ ‘Baghdad’ ‘Mesopotamia 1916 –1918’ 


The Second World War 1939-1945

  ‘Defence of Arras’ ‘Ypres-Comines Canal’ ‘Odon’ ‘Caen’ ‘Hill 112’ ‘Bourguebus Ridge’ ‘Malot’ ‘Mount Pincon’ ‘La Variniere’ ‘Seine 1944’ ‘Nederrijn’ ‘Roer’ ‘Rhineland’ ‘Cleve’ ‘Goch’ ‘Xanten’ ‘Rhine’ ‘Bremen’‘North West Europe 1940, 1944 –1945’ ‘Solarino’ ‘Simeto Bridgehead’ ‘Sicily 1943’ ‘Garigliano Crossing’ ‘Minturno’ ‘Anzio’ ‘Rome’‘Advance to Tiber’ Pass’ ‘Italy 1943-1944’ ‘ Middle East 1942’ ‘North Arakan’ ‘Point 551’ ‘Mayu Tunnels’ ‘Ngakyedauk ‘ ‘Burma 1942 –1945’


THE AIM :- of this section is to cover the activities of the 1st Battalion Wiltshire Regiment from 1948, when the 1st & 2nd Battalions merged during the post war reorganization of the British Army through to 1959 when they amalgamated with the 1st Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment. We will highlight the activities of those who served during that time, and who later went on to serve in and make the 1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, the Regiment it was.

If you served in this Battalion between these dates we would welcome any comments or assistance you can offer the 'Farmers boys' Website Team.


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