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1st Bn The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regimenrt

49th Glengarry

66th Glengarry

62nd Glengarry

99th Glengarry

Although the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment only existed under that title from 1959 to 1994 the Regiments lineage goes back many years, starting with the formation of the 49th of Foot in 1744, followed by the 62nd, 66th and 99th Regiments of Foot. It is not the intention of this Website to tell the Regiments History in its entirety as that function is carried out by the respective Regimental Museums at Salisbury for the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment and at Gloucester for the Gloucestershire Regiment. In order to explore that section of our history we direct you to the links page where you will find the relevant route to the Museum. 
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