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(Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
United Kingdom 1956
The Battalion spent very little time in the United Kingdom arriving in June 1956. Their main preoccupation at this time was to prepare for the presentation of new colours from Her Majesty the Queen scheduled to take place at Windsor Castle on 21st July 1956. By August 1956 after the presentation of Colours, the Battalion found themselves posted to the Island of Malta . This page will concentrate on the presentation of Colours by Her Majesty the Queen.




Presentation of Colours to the

1st Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

(Princess Charlotte of Wales's)

By Her Majesty the Queen, Windsor Castle, 21st July 1956


The Officers, 1st Royal Berkshires 1956

The Officers of the 1st Bn Royal Berkshire Regiment with Her Majesty the Queen

WO and Sgts 1st Royal Berkshire Regiment 1956

Warrant officers and Sgts of the 1st Bn Royal Berkshire Regiment with Her Majesty the Queen




Order of Parade for the presentation of New Colours to The Royal Berkshire Regiment by Her Majesty the Queen
Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel C.L. Speers
Field officer to her Majesty the Queen Major F.D. Jones M.C.
Officers for the Colours
Old Colour New Colour
Lt J.P. Ward

Lt L.C. Tremellen

2/Lt J.M. Morris

Lt J D Redding

Major T.C.S. Jennings
Lt (QM) H. Green, DCM
No 1 Guard No 2 Guard
Maj RGB Bromhead MBE Capt PD Newman
Lt DC Murray Lt PT Dunn
CSM E Leadbetter Lt J F Rogers
  CSM H Pearson
No 3 Guard No 4 Guard
Major CM Tuffill Major F Myatt MC
Lt JAH Macmillan Lt RMC WILSON
2/Lt CP Smallbone 2/Lt M Barnes
CSM R Mitchell CSM S Llewellyn
Regimental Sergeant Major
RSM F Baston DCM
W freeth
Drum Major
 W Choules



Lieutenant Colonel SPEERS, Officers, Warrant Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and men of the first Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment

I am very glad to give you your new colours here at Windsor Castle, the traditional stronghold of your County, and I congratulate you all on your drill and smartness

In times past the colours served a very real and practical purpose in war. Borne into battle they became a point around which the battalion would rally, and by their presence on the field were an inspiration to all to fight with heroism and self-sacrifice. I do not suppose that this purpose was ever more gloriously served than when your 2nd battalion fought and died to the last man around the colours at Maiwand. 

Although they are no longer carried into battle, colours still play an outstanding part in the life of a battalion. They are the outward sign of its pride in past achievements and its endeavours and ideals for the future, they are the symbol of all that is finest in its tradition 

For you this tradition goes back for more than two hundred years during which your regiment has served sovereign and country in many parts of the world, Into your history is woven an honourable record of courage and endurance. 

These are the qualities which have always made good soldiers. They were established in your regiment long ago and have been handed down to you by many generations of Royal Berkshiremen. They were displayed in full measure during the Second World War as the new battle honours emblazoned on these colours bear witness. I know that there are present today many men who helped to gain these honours and I am sire that they must be proud that the services they rendered to their country have been suitably recorded in the history of their regiment. 

Modern weapons and new methods have altered the manner in which a soldier fights, but not the nature of the spirit which mist inspire him. This remains as it has always been, his strongest weapon, the one indispensable article of his equipment, and his only sure support in adversity 

In committing these colours to your charge, I do so confident that you will guard them well and that you will always be faithful, in peace, and if need be in war, to the spirit and tradition which they enshrine.  

21st July 1956


The Colours march off

The new Colours of the 1st Bn Royal Berkshire Regiment March off



1st Bn Royal Berkshire Regiment


1st Bn Royal Berkshire Regiment

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