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Certain Shield
Trumpet Dance

1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)


24th Airmobile Brigade

24th Airmobile Brigade


Historical Background to 24 Air Mobile Brigade

24 Brigade was first formed in November 1914 as part of the 8th Division.  It saw action in The First World War at Ypres and The Somme, with members winning 2 VCs before being demobilised in March 1919.  In February 1940 it was reformed as 24th Guards Brigade serving throughout the Second World War with service in the Norwegian Campaign, North Africa and   Italy

The Brigade was commanded by Major General FAM (Boy) Browning, whose Family’s Crest inspired the Brigade’s Gryphon’s Wings emblem.  In 1947 it became 24th Infantry Brigade and served in a variety of roles in Kenya, Aden and Northern Ireland before returning to the UK in 1955, and becoming 24 Airmobile Brigade in 1988.  

The Brigade moved to Colchester from Catterick in 1993 when it was assigned to the Multinational Division (Central) (MND(C)) as part of the Allied Command Europe (ACE) Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC).



  • United Kingdom

    Then in the summer of 1990 the Battalion returned to the United Kingdom and to Bourlon Barracks, Catterick to become one of the three Airmobile Infantry Battalions within the elite 24th Airmobile Brigade. From Catterick it conducted two operational tours in Northern Ireland.  



Bn to Catterick 1990
Bn to Fermanagh           'Operation Banner' 10th Dec 1990 -4th May 1991
A & D Coys to St Angelo camp Shortly after arrival
B Coy to Lisnaskea Shortly after arrival
C(Sp) to Clogher Shortly after arrival
Kilturk Proxy bomb 20th December 1990
Ferozeshah Parade (Reduced) 21st December 1990
Annaghmartin PVCP under fire  (B Coy) 27th December 1990
Murder of Mr STEVENSON at Brookeborough (B & C Coys) 21st January 1991

Rosslea Bomb (B Coy)

31st January 1991
Col in Chiefs visits Bn 11th February 1991
Helicoptor shoot (C Coy) 15th February 1991
Shooting at Gortmullan PVCP 13th March 1991
Bn on Operation 'Mutilate' 19th - 22nd March 1991
The Belleek bomb 8th April 1991
Shooting at Gortmullan PVCP 20th April 1991
Moonshine 'Still' discovered      (A Coy) 13th April 1991
Border crossing point 212 opening 1st May 1991
Return to Catterick after block leave 27th May 1991
Exercise 'Certain Shield' September 1991
Bn Exercises freedoms of Wallingford, Abingdon and Chippenham 24th - 26th October 1991
N.I. Medals presented to 178 members of the Bn in Catterick 28th November 1991
Ferozeshah Parade 21st December 1991
Composite Plt to Kenya for Exercise Mountain Lion January 1992
Exercise Trumpet Dance USA 2nd March - April 1992
Bn on Exercise 'Eagles eye'  
Band to Buckingham Palace June 1992
Bn hosts UKLF Milan concentration Exercise 'Deadly impact' June 1992
A Coy to Cardiff (Cardiff Tattoo) July 1992
Bn on Exercise 'Gryphons Flight' August 1992
Band paired with RWF band as duty band at Sandhurst Sept - Dec 1992
Training commenced for NI January 1993
Deploy to South Armagh March 1993
Multi weapon shoot against Baruki Sanger at Crossmaglen 25th March 1993
Shooting and wounding of L/Cpl OVERSON near Crossmaglen 3rd April 1993
Triple Mk 15 Mortar attack against crossmaglen 7th April 1993
Single Mk 15 mortar attack against crossmaglen 11th June 1993
Vehicle bourne bomb at the mourne hotel, newry. 22nd June 1993
Murder of Pte RANDELL at Newtownhamiliton 26th June 1993
Interdiction of 2 vehicle borne bombs near Whitecoss 6th July 1993
Murder of L/Cpl PULLIN in Crossmaglen 17th July 1993
Shooting Operation 'Hadfield' 31st July 1993
Unsuccessful radio controlled tractor borne bomb Operation 'Hadfield' 3rd August 1993
Triple Mk 15 mortar attack against Newry couthouse 20th August 1993
Clearance of Wheelie bin bomb, Newton Hamilton 31st August 1993
Helicoptor shoot, Crossmaglen to Cullyhanna 24th September 1993
Operation 'Tredgar' 27th July -18th Sept 1993
250 Regimental Anniversary 4th December 1993
Last Ferozeshah Parade 21st December 1993
Exercise 'Royal Sherpa' Nepal 20th Feb - 25th March 1994
Freedom Marches March 1994
Wallingford 15th March 1994
Newbury 16th March 1994
Windsor 17th March 1994
Abingdon 18th March 1994
Swindon 21st March 1994
Chippenham 22nd March 1994
Devises 23rd March 1994
Salisbury 24th March 1994
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