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The Maze
The Hump

1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)

Ballykinler, Northern Ireland


Province Locations



Ballykinler is situated on the South Eastern side of Northern Ireland in County Down. July saw the Battalion taking over from the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment at Abercorn Barracks. Shortly after they were fully operational and committed to operations across the province. The Battalions role from Ballykinler being one of 'Province Reserve', this meant being able to move anywhere at anytime, often at short notice, and being operationally effective on arrival. The highlights of the tour as regards to deployment being, the










And of course the unfortunate SANDES HOME BOMBING

The Battalion enjoyed a very high degree of success against the various Terrorist Factions with a number of excellent finds of weapons and explosives, leading to successful arrests and prosecutions, 'C' Company had a very good operation resulting in the top IRA leader in South down being killed. Unfortunally the Battalion also suffered casualties both in wounded and fatalities during its tour.

However life was not all work and time was found o participate in sporting and Military Competitions with the Battalion enjoying success at, 

TENNIS  (Army Champions)

BOXING (U.K.L.F. Finalists)

CROSS COUNTRY (Northern Ireland Champions)

ORIENTEERING (Northern Ireland Champions)

NISAAM (Northern Ireland Champions)

To name but a few. The Battalion having been warned off for posting to Shoeburyness in 1975 looked forward to a period of peace and stability.



Battalion to Ballykinler July 1973
Bn assumes responsibility as Province reserve 12.00 hours, Tuesday 3rd July 1973
B Coy to Portadown July 1973
C Coy 3 locations, 3 Brigade area July 1973
Tac HQ & 2 Coys to Derry 10th August 1973
Capt SUTTON killed 14th August 1973
Bn assumes command for operations in County Tyrone 1st September 1973
Bn won N.I. Orienteering Compitition 30th September 1973
Bn covers for Duke of Wellingtons Regt Mid October
Bn deployed for 8th Inf Brigade 11th - 14th November 1973
Ferozeshah Parade (1 Coy) December 1973
Bn Block leave December 1973
Quarter final Army unit Boxing championships (Beat 2 RGJ, 9 bouts to 2) 18th December 1973
Bn back from leave 31st December 1973
A Coy to Londonderry January 1974
B Coy to Fermanagh January 1974
Bn beat Royal Scots in Boxing match 18th January 1974
Bn relieve 1st Bn R.R.W. for block leave 30th January 1974
D Coy to Strabane January 1974
C Coy to Londonderry January 1974
Bn boxers beaten in away match to R.W.F. (4 bouts to 7) January 1974
Bn Cross country team win NI championships January 1974
Battle of the 'Hump' 06.55 hours, 22nd February 1974
Operation 'Averse' February 1974
D Coy under command Emergency tour Bn 9th March 1974 onwards
Attack on Auchnacloy V.C.P. March 1974
Coy deployments throughout province Aprilo/May 1974
Ulster Workers Strike May 1974
B & D Coys to Belfast May 1974
C Coy to Newtonards/Bangor May 1974
Small bore team win N.I. Championship MAy 1974
Expedition to Iceland June 1974
Band/Drums beat retreat, Ballykinler 8th June 1974
D Coy to Newtown Hamilton Mid June
Band/Drums on Operation Friendship June 1974
Bn tennis team win both N.I. and U.K. championships June 1974
B Coy reserve for 8 Brigade Londonderry July 1974
Ptes Missenden of D Coy and Pte Wallis of A Coy wounded by riflefire July 1974
C Coy eliminate gunman July 1974
Standby H.M.P. the Maze 15th September 1974
N. I. skill at arms meeting 20th -22nd September 1974
Bn Win Major unit Championship 20th - 22nd September 1974
Riot H.M.P. the Maze 15th October 1974
Bombing of Sandes Soldiers home (2 Killed, 33 wounded) 28th October 1974
Bn take responsibility for South Armagh 4th November 1974
Patrol ambushed in Crossmaglen (2 killed Cpl WINDSOR, Pte ALLEN, Pte WALTERS wounded) 6th November 1974
Hand over to 1st Bn R.G.J. Mid December 1974
B Coy to Auchnacloy Late December 1974
A Coy to Portadown Late December 1974
Ferozeshah Parade December 1974
Bn hands over to Queens Lancashire Regt 8th January 1975
Bn to Shoeburyness   January 1975
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