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Ferozeshah 85-87

1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)


Welcome to Aldergrove

The 'Farmersboys' visit the Emerald Isle 'Again'


"Artwork by Mike CHAPPELL from the book Elite series 44 Security Forces in Northern Ireland    1969 -92 Osprey Publishing Ltd"


In 1985 the Battalion once more got posted to Northern Ireland. This was the seventh deployment for either the Battalion or sub units of it. They were posted to Alexander Barracks relieving the Queens Own Highlanders. This tour was to prove extremely busy with the Battalion committed all over the province. This page will contain some images that will bring back some memories of this tour.



VCP 1987

A view from Gortmullen PVCP

A Vehicle check point 1987 A view familier to many 'Farmersboys' overlooking the Gortmullan PVCP

Maintaining watch

Pte Jason LEA

A 'Farmersboy' mans a G.P.M.G. overlooking the VCP Pte Jason LEA on the VCP

Pte LEA with GPMG


Pte LEA again looking 'Well Ard' as photographed by his local newspaper at the time Pte CAREY reporting back with one eye on the camera "Have you got my best side, Son"


Unidentified DERR Soldier

Lt CLEMENTS on Patrol with his team, as reported in the local press at the time. An Unidentified DERR Soldier patrolling with a GPMG, again with one eye on the camera.

Two unidentified DERR Soldiers 'Pose' for a local boys story for the Berks/Wilts press The mortaring of 'A' Company. I wonder who paid the Barrack room damages ?



Bn to Aldergrove November 1985
B Coy to Fermanagh November 1985 for 6 weeks
Relieved by C Coy December 1985
Coys deployed to Dungannon and Belfast December 1985
D Coy 1st on scene at Ballygawley Police Station after bombing 7th December 1985
Reduced Ferozeshah Parade December 1985
A Coy mortared at Dungannon .
Deployed Coys follow up 7 Terrorists incidents Dec 1985 - January 1986
Bn deployed to Belfast Easter 1986
A Coy find explosives at Dungannon June 1986
D Coy to Portadown July 1986
D Coy to Fermanagh August 1986
B Coy to Londonderry August 1986
Band & Drums beat retreat End of August 1986
B Coy to Dungannon September 1986
B Coy to Fermanagh November 1986
C Coy to Fermanagh, relieve      B Coy November 1986
D Coy to Dungannon November 1986
B Coy to Dungannon December 1986-February 1987
D Coy to Fermanagh 13th February 1987
B Coy Brigade Reserve deployed twice March & early April 1987
Near miss IED Pomeroy on Mortar Plt April 1987 
A Coy to Fermanagh March/May 1987
D Coy 'Operation Bullet' 24th April 1987
Mortar attack, Belcoo Police station (A Coy) 11th April 1987
C Coy to Dungannon April 1987
McGowans filling station bombed (C Coy) 17th April 1987
Find of 1400lbs of Exposive      (C Coy/RUC) 19th April 1987
Murder of Mr HENRY (C Coy) 21st April 1987
Murder of Pte GRAHAM 8 UDR   (C Coy) 25th April 1987
Command wire explosion at Pomeroy (C Coy) 29th April 1987
Bombing of Gaugers Inn, Ballyronan (C Coy) 5th May 1987
Bombing of Courthouse and Police Station, Dungannon       (C Coy) 7th May 1987
Loughall attack 9th May 1987
Burials of IRA killed at Loughall (C Coy) 11th,12th & 13th May 1987
D Coy to Dungannon 10th June -1st July 1987
Bn convert to SA 80 August 1987
D Coy to Fermanagh 21st August 1987
B Coy to Dungannon August 1987
B Coy to Fermanagh October 1987
Remembrance Parade bombing at Enniskillen November 1987
Bn to Hong Kong  February 1988
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