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1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)

'A' Company in Malaya
'Me that' as been where I've been, 'Me that' as seen what I've seen......        ----Rudyard Kipling                                                                                          


The above extract from a poem by KIPLING amply summed up the travels of 'A' Company as it did the other Companies during the posting to Catterick. 'A' Companies journeys starting with SOLTAU, West Germany (June) Yorkshire, England (August) MALAYA (October) followed by Northern Ireland. This page contains a few images of the companies 'Holiday' in Malaya


Ron SUTTON 1969


A typical 'Farmersboy' of the late 1960s

Private Ron SUTTON of 'A' Company 1st Battalion D.E.R.R. poses for the camera during the companies jungle training exercise in Malaya. Ron was later badly injured in the Sandes Soldiers home bombing in Northern Ireland



Malaya photo Gallery

(Click on picture to enlarge)

(L to R ) Pte Ronald SUTTON and Pte Harry STEVENS take up a firing position Cpl David POYNTER leads a patrol along a jungle path, he is followed by Pte Patrick KINGSLEY, Pte Ronald SUTTON and Pte Harry STEVENS

(L to R) Pte Phil YOUNG, Pte Abdul SHEIKH and Pte Paul CHOULES take a break in the jungle camp 2nd Lt T MORRIS leads a section of men along a boulder strewn stream. He is followed by Cpl POYNTER and Ron SUTTON (Again)

Pte Patrick KINGSLEY manning a Light Machine gun Cpl Dave POYNTER at the alert

Pat KINGSLEY leads that man SUTTON again Name please ?

A Coy prepare for Malaya

A Coy Prepare at Alma Barracks for the trip to Malaya, Inspection by Lt General Sir John MOGG, under the watchful eye of CSM Jim PINCHIN

A Coy Malaya

Company Photograph of 'A' Coy 1st Bn DERR, Malaya 1969

3 Secton 2 Plt A Coy 1 DERR

3 Section, 2 Plt A Coy (Can anybody name them ?)

A Coy Relaxing ?

Members of A Coy relaxing in Malaya 1969 (That man SUTTON with the 'Bins' on poking his nose into the photo again)

Dave England in Malaysian Jungle 1969

'Hello Mum, can I come home' Dave ENGLAND at work in the Malaysian jungle 1969

Ron Sutton

Ron SUTTON doing what he does very well, resting and posing for the camera

Ron SUTTON and Harry STEVENS (Right)


Bill SHERMAN (Left) takes a well earned rest on the exercise. Bill later became the R.S.M. of the 1st Bn DERR. (Note) Ron SUTTON does not appear in this photo.




The Web team would like to thank Pat KINGSLEY , Dave ENGLAND and Ron (Jungle Queen) SUTTON for their assistance with this page

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