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Ferozeshah 89

1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)


Farmersboys Go East
'The Return of the Dragon'


The Opium War 1840 - 1842 49th (Hertfordshire) Regiment of Foot
The War of 1860 99th (Lanarkshire) Regiment of Foot
1919 - 1922 2nd Bn Wiltshire Regiment
1929 - 1930 2nd Bn Wiltshire Regiment
1950 - 1953 1st Bn Wiltshire Regiment


DERR Colours arrive in Hong Kong

The Colours of the 1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment arrive in Hong Kong from H.M.S. SWIFT



In January 1988 the ‘Farmersboys’ following in the footsteps of their parent Regiment's commenced a two and half year posting in the Far East as part of the Hong Kong Garrison. They Relieved the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards.

They were stationed in Stanley Barracks which was situated on the Stanley peninsula, at the extreme southern tip of Hong Kong Island.


Map of Hong Kong

The Battalion arrived in Hong Kong in a blaze of Publicity and were welcomed officially by a small parade at which the colours were ceremonially brought ashore to the headquarters British forces Hong Kong at H.M.S. TAMAR from the Hong Kong patrol craft swift.

Service in Hong Kong revolved about operations to secure the Sino Hong Kong border to the north of the new territories, training and planning to assist the Royal Hong Kong police with internal security tasks in thee event of civil unrest within Hong Kong. In general terms the border security commitment occurred up to three times a year and was usually of some six weeks duration. On the border  each company was responsible for one of three areas which were called Lok Ma Chau (Which included an outpost known as Sandy Spur), Man Kam To and Sha Tau Kok.

During its time in Hong Kong the Battalion sent groups on exercise to Brunei, Singapore, Australia, new Zealand, Hawaii and Malaysia. Also a sports tour to Thailand and adventure training expeditions to Sabah, Nepal and Thailand. The Regiment Band carried out a two week tour of Japan and south Korea, plus the Battalion provided Honour Guards for the United Nations in Korea.

The Battalion was also heavily committed in assisting with the Vietnamese Boat People who at that time were leaving Vietnam in large numbers, risking their lives on the South China Seas and ending up in Camps in Hong Kong

At the completion on the tour the colours returned the same way, only this time they were taken from the Colony on HMS Plover


DERR Welcomed by the Dragon

C.O. 1 DERR Dots the eye of the dragon on arrival

The Battalion is welcomed by 'The Dragon on arrival in the Colony The Commanding Officer, Lt Col SAUNDERS dots the eye of the dragon.



Bn to Hong Kong February 1988
Bn win Army (Hong Kong) football cup March 1988
Band to Japan March - April 1988
Nines cup (B Coy win) March 1988
Milan Plt to Australia April for 5 weeks
B Coy Exercise 'Bravo bash' June 1988
Bn Infantry skill at arms June 1988
Bn deployed to Sino - Hong Kong frontier August 1988  for 5 weeks
B Coy to Border October 1988
Inter Coy Boxing Final 7th October 1988
A Coy to Sabah January 1989
Bn Exercise 'Vlying Dragon' January 1989
Honour Guard in Korea February 1989
B Coy to Malaysia March/April 1989
D Coy Exercise Union Pacific 89, Hawaii June/July 1989
NCOs Cadre 5th June - 12th July 1989
Regiments 30th Anniversary 14th July 1989
Bn to Sai Kunh Peninsula 11th September 1989
Exercise Jade river/Blue thunder November 1989
Bn to Sin -Hong Kong Border 15th January 1990 for 6 weeks
Bn Sports jubilee 29th - 30th March 1990
Exercise 'Orient Express' March 1990
Mortar Plt to New Zealand for Exercise 'Crossed belt' April 1990 for 6 Weeks
Dragon Boat festival 28th May 1990
Bns farwell to Hong kong 24th May 1990
A Coy to Hawaii for Exercise 'Union Pacific' July 1990
Bn to Catterick August 1990
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