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(Duke of Edinburgh's)

40th Infantry Division

Hong Kong


In June 1950 a party of sixty officers and non-commissioned officers from the 1st Battalion left for Malaya to gain experience in jungle fighting against the bandits that infested that country. The main body followed at the beginning of August, sailing from Southampton in the Empire Trooper. Before reaching Singapore they heard a BBC announcement that their destination had been changed to Hong Kong. This news turned out to be quite correct their advance party in Malaya came out of the jungle, and the battalion disembarked at Kowloon at the beginning of September. The Wiltshire's on arrival were only about 350 strong, but took over some 270 officers and men of the Devon's.

The Battalion remained in Hong Kong for three years being stationed on the Chinese mainland about thirty miles away from Hong Kong. early in 1951 Lt A E Carter and about 100 men left to join the Gloucester's in Korea.

They sailed for home 1n 1953 on the troopship Empire Clyde. We will display a number of images from this period that may bring back a few memories.


Images from Hong Kong

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Woods and Mortimer - Malaya

Machine gun Platoon

(L to R) Sgt Woods and C/Sgt Mortimer after a Jungle Patrol in Malaya.  The Battalion were due to go to Malaya but were diverted to Hong Kong where they remained. The advance party did go to Malaya and train.


The Machine Gun Platoon

Machine gun Platoon - Hong Kong

Machine gun Section

Another view of the Machine gun Platoon


One of the Machine gun platoon sections

Sgt Doug Mortimer (Right) examines weapons in the Arms cote Hong Kong, 1952. The Brigade flash is visible on his left arm. Doug Mortimer later in his service became the second RSM of the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment after amalgamation


Government House Guard, C Company at Murray Barracks, Hong Kong 1952. Guard Commander Sgt Mortimer

Members of the Sgts Mess practicing for the Ferozeshah Parade in Hong Kong. Always practiced with a blanket tied to a pole.

Visit of the Governor of Hong Kong to the Sgts Mess at Beas Stables (L to R) RSM Syd Kirkbright, The Governor, C/Sgts Johnny Venn MM, Doug Mortimer, ‘Chunky’ Chamberlin, ‘Ginger’ Farelly, ‘Janner’ Rook


Royal Irish Cup 1951. (Standing L to R)Sgt Instructor J H Docherty, APTC Sgt E Niblett (Captain) Sgt D Briggs. (Sitting) Sgt G Butcher, RSM S Kirkbright, Lt Col J R Welchman DSO (CO) Sgt DC Mortimer, Sgt J E W Samways. Team Score 581


Award of shooting medals, Hong Kong (L to R) Adj Capt Struan Brown, GOC, C/Sgt Mortimer

Ferozeshah Ball Hong Kong 1951. A General colour photo showing the Ball in progress. Both these colour photographs are we believe unique, in as much as they are the earliest examples of colour images of the evening celebrations (Unless of course if you know differently) Ferozeshah Ball Hong Kong 1951 Sgt Colour Party at Midnight hand the colours back to the officers. (L to R) C/Sgt Sturmey, RSM Kirkbright, Sgt Dunkin, C/Sgt Mortimer.


The web team would like to thank Doug Mortimer and Alan Preedy for their assistance with this page



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