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1st Bn Duke of Edinburghs Royal Regiment
Training at Soltau
During its time at Minden the Battalion became very familiar with the Training ground at Soltau, it fact during the exercises there, they must have dug half the place up. We had many happy weeks/Months traversing the training ground either with or against our good friends the Royal Scots Greys, and later the 16th/5th Lancers. This is where the 'Mechanized Infantry' skills were firstly learned ,then honed making our Battalion one of the best.


C Coy 'Ready to Move'

Armoured Personnel carriers of 'C' Company 1st Bn DERR 'Ready to Move' Soltau 1967


Louis EMERY at Soltau

Louie EMERY at the rear of his beloved beast in the woods at Soltau 1967


9plt C Coy Soltau

9 Platoon HQ 'C' Coy APC Soltau 1967


Cpl Mortimer, Soltau 1967

Cpl MORTIMER in an Army Publicity photograph, Soltau 1967. Cappy KEW straining to get in view in the rear.


Pte EMERY Soltau 1967

Pte Louie EMERY in an Army Publicity photograph taken Soltau 1967. Cpl MORTIMER (See above) still poking his nose in


Mac McIntyre debussing from APC Minden

Pte 'Mac' McIntyre in an Army publicity photograph displaying the art of being a Mechanized warrior (I don't think) Soltau 1967
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