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1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment
Exercises at Sennelager

During its time in Minden the Battalion became very familiar with the Ranges and Training ground at Sennelager. Many a pint of sweat was lost on the speed marches to and from the ranges, and they told us we were 'Mechanized Infantry' This page will contain a number of images that will no doubt bring back some happy but sweaty memories.


Postcard showing Sennelager training area

Sennelager training area


C Coy training Sennelager

C Company receiving instruction in the use of the Carl Gustav at Sennelager June 1966


Resting at Sennelager

'C' Coy resting on the Ranges at Sennelager 1966(Posing) L to R Dave NICHOLLS, Cappy KEW, Farmer, Paddy O'RIELLY


C Coy Sennelager 1966

Similar bunch, same place Mick HAYWORTH,  JEFFRIES, Cappy KEW, Farmer, Paddy O' REILLY  (??) 
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