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(Duke of Edinburgh's)


Our story with the Wiltshire Regiment section of the Regimental family starts in 1948 when the Regiment found itself in Krefeld, near Dusseldorf on the edge of the Ruhr. It was here that both Battalions of the Regiment joined together as a result of the post war reorganization of the British Army. The majority of County line Regiments were reduced to one Battalion and such was the fate of 'The Springer's'


The Amalgamation of the 

1st and 2nd Battalions The Wiltshire Regiment

Amalgamation day was the 1st January 1949, and the form of the ceremonial parade was unique as befitted the occasion. The Battalion was drawn up in lines less the centre company for whom a space was left. This company then marched on, one half from the right flank escorting the colours of the 1st Battalion, and the other half from the left escorting the colours of the 2nd Battalion. The whole Battalion now formed three sides of a square, and the Kings Colours took post in the centre of it. The Regimental Colours, each with a half Company escort, turned inwards and then moved to the right and left flanks of the line respectively, in slow time.

From the outer flanks the Half Companies then "Trooped" the two Regimental Colours to the tune of "Auld Robin Grey", slowly and solemnly approaching each other until they filled the centre space in the line. The Regimental Colours were thus joined together, exactly symbolizing "Amalgamation". The right Company being formed of officers and men from the old 1st Battalion and the left Half from those of the old 2nd.

The Kings colour joined the Regimental colours in the centre of the Battalion, and all were now escorted by one company. The new 1st Battalion marched past, General Sir William PLATT made a short and stirring address, and the colours were escorted off parade while the Battalion presented arms.


Colours of 1st & 2nd Bns Wiltshire Regiment

The Colours of the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Wiltshire Regiment parade together for the last time on Amalgamation.


Colours of the 1st Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment

Colours of the 2nd Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment



Ferozesah Parade 1948. 1st Bn Wilts Regt

The newly formed 1st Battalion Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's) march past on the Ferozeshah Parade 1948 in Krefeld, Germany
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