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1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment
This collection of photographs is intended as a scrapbook at this stage until a more appropriate location can be found for each photo.



Bn Vehicles on Square, 10th Anniversary photo


The Square at Clifton Barracks Minden, prior to the 10th Anniversary of the Battalions formation  photographic shoot.

Lt KANES Plt HQ on Exercise




Exercise in Germany, Paddy O RIELLY, Lt KANE, Sgt MILLS, Harry ANGIER, SIMMO in the Driving seat

Dave FIELDING and Harry ANGIER on the ranges at Wittloge

Nobby, Arry & Tom on the ranges 1967


Wittloge Ranges 1967


Band and Drums on the Square in Minden

The band and drums on the Square Clifton Barracks Minden

Band & Drums Beat the credits

Band and drums 'Beating the Credits' Minden on departure.

The Drums on the Square in Minden

The drums practice on the Square at Clifton Barracks Minden, The base Drummer is Dave SMITH, and the 2nd row tenor Drummer on the left is Bob SAFE who was accidentally killed shortly after. They are wearing the newly issued drummers helmets, with helmet plates still to be issued.

Exercise Hunters moon

Exercise Hunters Moon

Exercise 'Hunters Moon' Sgt Chris WHITING in Command of Ferret.

Exercise 'Hunters Moon' Sgt Maj DUDMAN asking "is the brew kit on board"

C in C talking to A Coy Minden

B Coy Club in Minden
C in C talking to L/Cpl HILL, Pte WHITE, Pte STRINGER, Pte DOBBYN, L/Cpl PERRY and L/Cpl MacDONALD A drinking den called B Coy Club (L to R) Ptes PRECIOUS, SHERIDAN, STANLEY, JESSEMEY, HARRISON (Barman), HODDER, L/Cpl COOKE, THOMAS & NORTH

Mac, ?? and Paddy O'Rielly veh park Minden

Tich, Paddy & Mac on the Ranges Sennelager

L to R, Mac McINTYRE, -?- and Paddy O'RIELLY resting from cleaning the 'Beast' in the Vehicle park Minden 'Tich' LAUREA , Paddy O'RIELLY, -?-, 'Mac McINTYRE on the ranges.
'C' Company, 1st Battalion D.E.R.R. Minden

C Coy at Minden 1968

'C' Company 1st Battalion DERR pictured at Minden 1968, displaying all the sporting trophies won, Company commander Major CRABTREE who later went on the command the battalion, and became the Colonel of the Regiment


9 Platoon 'C' Company, 1st Battalion D.E.R.R., Minden

9 Plt C Coy 1st Bn DERR Minden

Front Row L to R Misc Info Rear row L to R Misc Info
Pte CHOULES   ?  
    John Harvey  
?   Pte Les MEEKS Unofficial 'C' Coy Barber, now deceased
?   Pte DAVIDSON  
Sgt Scobbie WATTON   ?  
Lt S.W.J. SAUNDERS First appointment, reached the rank of Brigadier and Murdered in Athens  Pte 'Punchy' SIMPSON Left and later rejoined
Cpl DAVIES   ?  
?   ?  
?   ?  
?   ?  

Can any Minden 'Old hands' fill in the gaps


11 Platoon, 'C' Company, 1st Battalion D.E.R.R., Minden

9Plt C Coy Minden

11 Platoon, 'C' Company, 1st Bn DERR Minden 1968 Plt Comd Lt TITLEY, Plt Sgt Sgt MILLS, Cpls 'Boozer' MARTIN & Cpl Barry FOSTER (to the right of Plt Comd)  Barry was later Killed in Northern Ireland
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