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Ferozeshah 72
Spandau Prison
Berlin Scrapbook

1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire and Wiltshire)



Berlin Brigade


Berlin Brigade Sign


July 1971 found the battalion firmly established in Brooke Barracks situated in the Charlottenberg District of West Berlin. They relieved the 1st Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers from whom, by a coincidence, they had also taken over from in Minden five years before. Whilst in Berlin one of the commitments was the guarding of Spandau Prison with Rudolph HESS as the solitary inmate, and also providing the train guard for the British Military Train that ran from Berlin to West Germany. Exercises were carried out in Schleswig Holstein, Putlos,  Sennelager in West Germany and La Courtine in France. The Battalion had a notable success in winning the Army Infantry Skiing Cup in 1972. Having been warned off for posting to Northern Ireland in July 1973, the Battalion commenced training, concentrating upon individual skills. The Battalion left Berlin on a high note achieved by its training and discipline and also its 'Finale' which was an historic pageant held in the majestic Kongresshalle, depicting 'Maiwand', 'The Opium War' 'Copenhagen' and other highlights of Regimental History.  

The Berlin Border 1971

The 'Iron Curtain' Berlin 1971


East German Border guards Berlin

1 DERR Recce Platoon Berlin

East German Border Guards, Berlin 'Watching us' 1st Bn D.E.R.R. Reece Platoon 'Watching them' Berlin Border


Representitive image of uniform of the day

A General image of the Combat uniform and equipment worn by the Battalion at the relevant time in Berlin 1971 to 1973. It shows the rear of the Combat equipment, fighting order,1958 pattern Equipment, & General purpose Machine gun.

"Artwork by Mike CHAPPELL from the Osprey Men at Arms series No 108, British Infantry Equipments 1908 - 80 Osprey Publishing Ltd"



Regimental Sporting Achievements in Berlin
1971/72 Hockey 2 Div Championships, runners up in B.A.O.R.
Bn Hockey team, Berlin
1972 Orienteering 2 Div Champions, runners up in B.A.O.R., best Infantry Bn in Army
bn Orionteering team Berlin
1972/73 Boxing Berlin Brigade Champions
Sgt Mehrlich Berlin 1973

Sgt MEHRLICH, Army Lightwieght Boxing Champion 1973

1971/72 Football Winners of 2 Div Major Unit Knockout cup
1972/73 Football Winners of Berlin Brigade Major Unit Knockout shield
Bn Football team Berlin
1971/72 Skiing Winners of Infantry cup
Army Infantry Skiing Champions 1972



Rear Row, Pte GILDER, Capt BRADLEY, Cpl MORGAN (Absent Cpl KEEGAN)

1972 Safe driving Cpl Jefferies wins Brigade best Male driver
Cpl Jefferies recieving prize

Cpl JEFFERIES receiving his prize from the Brigade Commander for the Berlin safe driving Competition, Brooke Barracks 15th October 1972

1972/73 Squash Equal first in Berlin Brigade squash league
1971/72 Rugby 7- A- Side Winners of the Brigade competition
1972 Swimming Winners of Brigade Major Units Competition, runners up in 2 Div, B.A.O.R. finalists
1972 Tug of War 2 Div and Berlin Brigade 100 Stone Champions
1972 Water polo Berlin Brigade Champions, runners up in 2 Div



Bn to Berlin June/July 1971
Maiwand Celebrations July 1971
Ferozeshah Parade 17th September 1971
Visit of Col in Chief 28th October 1971
Bn to Sennelager October 1971
Bn on Exercise 'Quick March' Schleswig - Holstein 15th Nov - 2nd Dec 1971
Bn become Infantry Army Ski Champions January 1972
A Coy Exercise 'Snow Queen' 22nd Jan - 2nd Feb 1972
Mortar Plt to Stetten, train with 46th Regt of Infantry (French) March 1972
DERR Cooks enter BAOR cooking competition (Came 5th) 7th April 1972
3 Plt A Coy to Hohenfels to train with 4/18th US Infantry 17th April 1972 for two weeks
Allied Forces Parade 13th May 1972 
Queens Birthday Parade 8th June 1972
Ferozshah Parade and OCA visit to Bn 23rd June 1972
Mortar Plt Concentration Munsterlager End of June 1972 for 2 weeks
Anti Tank plt to Putlos for 1 (BR) concentration June 1972
Exercise 'Beechnut' La Courtine, France 23rd July - 6th August 1972
Composite plt from the Bn completed a 2 week  commando course (French) in Harz mountains August 1972
B Coy to Sennelager August 1972
C Coy to Sennelager  September 1972
B Coy inter coy shoot with 'B' 4/6 US Infantry 22nd September 1972
C Coy arrange inter coy competition with 46 Regiment d' Infanterie September 1972
A Coy to Putlos October 1972
Allied weapons meeting 19th October 1972
Prince Charles visits Bn 30th October 1972
Exercise 'Dragons teeth' Schleswig - Holstein November 1972
Exercise 'Snow Queen' January 1973
Training for N.I. Starts January 1973
C.O.s Exercise 'March Hare' 12th March 1973
Company Training Haltern 19th March 1973 onwards
Bn to Sennelager March/April 1973
Exercise 'Blue Murder' April 1973
Farewell pageant to Berlin 2nd May 1973
Bn to UK 14th - 19th May 1973
KAPE Tour 'Operation Friendship' 7th -24th June 1973
Brigadier P.A. DOWNWARD, D.S.O. D.F.C.

Commanding Berlin Infantry Brigade

G.O.C. Berlin 1972

Next week we say goodbye to 1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire & Wiltshire) at the end of their tour in Berlin. During their time in Berlin Infantry Brigade they have earned a name for their superb ceremonial parades, and for the many friendly social events at all levels throughout the Battalion

The Regiment has enjoyed considerable prowess in the sporting field both in team and individual sports, particularly hockey, rugger, soccer, water polo, swimming and latterly boxing and squash. They have proved themselves a Regiment of very high standards in everything they have done, be it in training, sports administration or social activities, and every man has reflected the high morale of the Battalion by his smart bearing and cheerfulness.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment leave behind a high reputation that will be long remembered in Berlin, not only by the Allied Military communities, but also by the civilian population with whom they have established such close ties. I am most grateful to them for all they have done in Berlin and I wish all ranks and their families the best of luck in the future, particularly in their forthcoming tour in Northern Ireland.

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