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'The Springer's'

Cyprus 1956 -1959


"Artwork by Mike CHAPPELL from the Wessex Publishing  series  Mike Chappell


Wanted men booklet as issued to the 1st Bn Wiltshire Regiment who were responsible for taking out EOKA'S second in command, Kyriakos MATSIS  Instructions to open fire, as issued to the 1st Bn Wiltshire Regiment. In 1969 the colour changed to yellow.


1st Bn Wiltshire Regiment Cyprus Photo Gallery

From the collection of Ex 'Springer' Ken Revell

(Click on each picture to enlarge)

A Group of Wilts Soldiers on the troop ship en route for Cyprus, the trip took nine days. seven of which were spent being sea sick. (Left to Right) Colin, Don ROLFE, JOHNSON, Tony, Ken REVELL

Having a 'Smoko' whilst on Patrol in the Kyrenia Mountain range. (Standing) L to R Don ROLFE, Roger WOOD, (?) Herbie SPURR. (Front Row) L to R Ken REVELL (?)

(L to R) Ken REVELL and Willie WYATT outside Kyrenia Castle (L to R rear row) (?) Ken REVELL, (L to R Front row) Herbie SPURR, Don ROLFE. The door to the right with the grill and pad lock was an underground room where all the rifles, shotguns pistols and any type of armament that had been handed in or seized under the emergency powers were stored. One of our jobs was to boil up this brown gunk and dip every weapon in it which set like a brown hard wax, then label them up with the owners name and address. Who knows they are probably there today.

(L to R) Gerry WILLCOT, Icky WILLIAMS, Ken REVELL, in the courtyard of Kyrenia Castle Some of the lads checking out the Cypriot wildlife whilst on patrol

L(to R) Icky WILLIAMS, Don ROLFE (?) (Front) Ken REVELL  Road block on main Kyrenia road

Road block

Brew up on a road block

Ex Pats who lived near a Wilts Regt Road block bring the lads out a brew The same location

Inside Kyrenia Castle

On the Walls of Kyrenia Castle

Inside Kyrenia Castle whilst occupied by the 1st Bn Wilts Regt An unknown Wilts Regt Bren gunner on the wall of Kyrinia Castle

Riot Drills

Wilts Regt Road Block

The Regiment practice Riot drills inside Kyrenia Castle A Wilts Regt Road block on the Kyrinia Road

Ted Knott with Bren

Ted Knott

Pte Ted KNOTT on the Bren gun. The Vehicle shows terrorist damage over the rear wheel arch when the vehicle came under attack by four bombs (2 failed to explode) on Saturday 17th March 1956 Ronnie GOULD died of wounds, Tony COOK lost an arm, and Cpl CLEMENT is still walking around with shrapnel in him. Ted KNOTT sat at the rear with some unnamed Regular Soldiers from the Wiltshire Regiment in Cyprus

Search team

Search leader

Troops of the Wiltshire Regiment using mine detectors, wire prodders, bayonets and shovels sift the soil of an orange grove near the village of Akanthou In their search in the Kyrenia area, the Wiltshire's left nothing to chance. This Sgt found a hole, rigged up a ladder and explored it. (Who is this Sgt ?)

Capture of Terrorist

Ted Willis

Afxentious, captured and escorted by 'The Springers' Pte Ted WILLETT at Lapithos. This photograph was taken shortly after TED was shot at whilst on patrol on the Karavas Loop Road. TED has his finger poking through the Bullet hole. 

Pte James BLANEY manning a Bren gun Sanger Ted KNOTT B Company 1st Wilts Regt

1st Wilts Regt Bn HQ during operations in Cyprus Two Soldiers of the Wilts Regt, being 'Looked after'


The 'Springers' return to the United Kingdom

Troopship 'Dilwara'

The troopship 'Dilwara' which brought the advance party of the 1st Bn Wiltshire Regiment from Cyprus to Southampton in December 1958

The Advance Party, 1st Bn Wiltshire Regiment

The Advance Party of the 1st Bn Wiltshire Regiment on board the troopship 'Dilwara' at Southampton.  Centre of the photograpgh is Cpl PAVEY who reappears in Ulster 1969 with 'C' Coy 1st Bn DERR
Due to the large number of images for the Wiltshire Regiment in Cyprus is has become necessary to open up a second page CYPRUS 2


The team would like to thank Jim BLANEY and Ted KNOTT (The London Springer's), Ted WILLETT and Ken REVELL for their help and assistance with the images on the Cyprus pages.
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