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!st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment


During its time in Malta the 1st Bn Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment came to know the sands of Libya very well, and name places such as Tobruck, Derna, Timimi, and Tarhona were as familiar as the 'Gut' and Gozo. The Regiment had already experienced this area whilst at Tidworth and they reacquainted themselves with the area after leaving Malta when posted to Minden as Mechanized Infantry. This page will contain images from some of the Battalion and Company trips to the North African shores.

Recce Platoon Libya, Lt HATHAWAY

Reece Platoon 1st DERR on its first trip to Libya from Malta, Lt HATHAWAY (Centre) and Sgt Mick WALKER


Carter/Povey at Tarhuna

Ginge CARTER and Ray POVEY at the Tarhuna training camp, Libya


Blake & Povey gun cleaning

Cpl John BLAKE and Ray POVEY cleaning Vickers Machinegun, Tarhona Camp Libya


L to R, SMITH, POVEY and HARRIS at Timimi, Libya
Exercise 'DUST DEVIL' August 1965

C Coy

C Coy group

 C Coy Libyan Desert Farmer MARKS, Joe LILLIS, ?? Paddy O'RIELLY, BROWN 

C Coy

Pte Balimutuku

Algy TURNER ? ? JEFFRIES, ? Pte Balimutuku getting home sick

10 Plt HQ C Coy

Postcard from Tripoli

10 Plt HQ C Coy ? Postcard from Tripoli

Cooney, Glass & Feeney in Lybia

Pat COONEY on the Left, Pte GLASS in the centre and Pte FEENEY the Battalion Australian in Lybia. (Pte FEENEY later got stabbed in Minden, but survived)
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