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1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment
(Berkshire and Wiltshire)

27th Army Youth Team

APC 432 KAPE tour

Dave NICHOLLS (Driver) at Devizes in APC 432 specially rigged out for a KAPE tour


Whilst in Minden the Battalion had the responsibility of providing Soldiers for the 27th Army Youth Team based at Le Marchant  Devizes, Wiltshire. Their function was to tour the counties to assist with recruiting into the Regiment and provided the nucleus for the Battalion when they carried out a KAPE tour (Keep the Army in the Public eye)


What follows are some images taken by the team at that time, may bring back some memories.

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The Team Relax

The Team 'Pose'

The team 'Relax' (L toR) Dave NICHOLLS, Tony BROWN ? ? ? (Help with names please) Dave Nicholls (Left) team commander centre

Not a lot to say really, but this team does appear to like itself All the Vehicles and team

A Modern Mini bus !!


In order to keep the Regiment in the public eye a large contingent of soldiers and equipment were sent over from Minden to assist the 27th Army youth team. It was referred to as a 'KAPE Tour' The following images are from that event

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An unidentified DERR Soldier A Demo of the GPMG in the sustained fire role, an element of 'Posing' appears to be the order of the day

A publicity shot of two of our finest specimens. Jim Long on the right A Demo of the 2 inch mortar 'Have I got this bomb thing the right way up, bert ?'

The Officer Commanding the 27 Army youth team, cuts a fine dash as a commander of an armoured fighting vehicle. The driver is who ?. Tony Brown demonstrates how to hold an 84 mm Carl Gustav anti tank gun. After leaving the Regiment Tony became a station fire officer with the Dorset Fire Brigade. That explains why he was always playing with matches.

Taffy Morgan commands (For the camera) an AFV 432

Three of our finest demonstrate the use of a 120 mm Wombat anti tank gun. (Kneeling right) is that man Tony Brown again, is there no limit to this soldiers skills.





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